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Rixty is known as the leading cash based alternative payment platform for online games, virtual goods and digital content. This one is a Razer subsidiary (1337 .HK). With this one, every consumer will be able to pay without the credit card and without exposing confidential information by converting cash to Rixty value at 140,000 stores in the United States and Brazil and hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide.

Every online game and website publisher uses Rixy to engage with and monetize the big percentage of users. This site works by providing the cash based consumers the safe and flexible way to pay online that can help those publishers to increase sales, enable the new business models, and attract the new customers.

For those who are looking for the $50 free Rixty code, here are the instructions. First of all, you can open the site named Gift Hulk. You are able to look for that code there for free. To be able to get the $40 free Rixty code, you are required to sign into the site. For those who do not have an account, then you must sign up first. There are several ways to sign up into the site. You are able to sign up into the site by sign up with Facebook, sign up with Google, or filling out the form with the information such as your email address, your username, and the password. Once you signed up, then it is time for you to sign in and get the free $50 Rixty code.

Then, how to redeem the %40 free Rixty code? Everything is easy and will not take too much of your time. Basically, you will be required to log in to Rixty with either using your Facebook account or Rixty account. Just like any other logging in, you will be asked about the username and the password. When everything is done, you just have to click the Login button and follow the steps well.

In case you forgot your password, there is a thing named “Forgot password?” for you. By clicking that link means you are ready to reset your password. In resetting password, you have to enter the username or email address associated with your Rixty account. You can just click the yellow Submit button when you are done.

Aside from that, you have to know that there is a Rixty rewards program. this kind of program will give you a lot of ways to earn Reward Points. Each time you load your Rixty account, you will be bale to get more Rewards Points. Load $1.00 equals 1,000 Rixty Reward Points. It means that you can get 500,000 points if you have $50 Rixty bonus. Once you have enough points, you are able to cash them in for up to 5% Rixty bonus.

For further information about Rixty code, feel free to visit the official website of Rixty. You are also able to contact the representative of Rixty if you have any questions or find some difficulties.

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