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When you are looking for 6ie9ine Roblox lyrics on your browser, you are going to find some rap song lyrics. You have to know that 6ie9ine is one of best rappers. Maybe you are at this page to look for 6ie9ine Roblox lyrics, it is alright? Well, we will share about that but before we talk about 6ie9ine Roblox lyrics, it will be better for you to know who 6ie9ine is. Currently, on Roblon, there are many Roblox players who listen to Rap song when they are playing the game of Roblox. One of popular rap is 6ie9ine Roblox lyrics.

Who is 6ie9ine? You have to know that his real name is Daniel Hernandez. But, he is better known by his stage name Tekashi69 or simply 6ix9ine. Until now, he becomes a Brooklyn-born Mexican rapper. Based on the research, he was born on May 8th, 1996. We get information that previously he known by the name Wallah Dan. Then, the name of 6ix9ine is gained immense popularity and fame in October of 2017 with the release of his breakout hit “GUMMO”.

Then, on the SoundCloud music charts for a week, his single song reached the 1st position. It also gained over 100 million streams combined from YouTube and beyond. On February 23, 2018, his debut mixtape ‘DAY69’ was released. It peaked at number 4 on the Billboard 200 Chart. Then, on April 10th, 2018, the mixtape was re- and was given the name DAY69: Graduation Day. For your information, on November 27th, 2018, 6ix9ine’s debut album ‘DUMMY BOY’ came out.

Well, let us back talking about 6ie9ine Roblox lyrics. If you want to know 6ie9ine Roblox lyrics, you are able to go to YouTube then find video which show about the lyrics of 6ie9ine. Of course, there are some videos which show about 6ie9ine lyrics. Here, in this article, we are going to share some 6ie9ine Roblox lyrics. You can see its lyrics below.

Prison iffy uh

Soap is getting slippy uh

I can’t grippy uh

Cellmate got the stiffy huh

Feel it rippy uh

Butthole looking jizzy uh

Bloods gone get me uh

Should have been a crippy ya

This is some lyrics of 6ie9ine. If you want to add this rap into your game, so the first thing that you have to do is finding the song ID of 6ie9ine Roblox. In addition, here we will also to explain how to find song IDs on Roblox. Please follow these steps below.

1. At the first step, please visit the official website of Roblox.

2. Then, you log in to your Roblox account.

3. After that, click Develop in the top table and then click on the Library tab.

4. The next step, click on the audio and type of the song you want to listen in the search field. In this step, you can test the sound first by clicking the Play button.

5. You should look at the URL and you will see there is a sequence numbers. That is the id of the song.

6. Now, you can copy the URL part to the game which you play and then enter the Roblox song ID.

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