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Rolimon is the biggest site which is dedicated to hold the aggregated data and community-depend on the values of limited items on online gaming platform called Roblox. There are the most prominent features. Those are an Item Table section lists all limited items and a Deals section where the items are selling for various color-coded percentages.

It also includes a profile section where the users are able to view their total values by searching their account name. Based on the research, Rolimon’s values have recently been adopted as the primary source or values for Trade Hangout. Until now, it has highly active status.

If you go to the site of Rolimon’s, you can see that there are several menus; Catalog, Players, Trades, Changes, Leaderboards, Calculator, Deals, Leaks and Features menu. One you are at this page, you may want to know more about Rolimons Deals. Well, in this article we are going to discuss about that.

Deals menu can be access by you to find the great deals on Roblox limited items. Monitor deals live with helpful pricing information. Now, let us to see all things on Rolimon’s Deals. You are able to find the items sort by most recent, best deal, highest value, lowest value, highest RAP and lowest RAP. There are some items sort by best deal such as Protest Sign: We want User GUIs now, Fireman of Yore, Affectionately Armoreed, Sleepy Puppy, Subzero Ski Specs, Noob Attack” Periastron Punishment, Explosive Egg of Kaboom, Red Bow tie, Gadgets Bandolier, Blue Swashbuckler, King of New Calclica, Disgraced Baron of the Federation, White Beanie with Rainbow hair and more.

If you search items sort by highest value, there you are going to find lots of item such as Disgraced Baron of the Federation, Ultimate Victory Headband, Gold King of the Night, Adurite King of the Night, Lord Evil, Frosted Santa, Harbinger of Christmas creep, The Crown of Warlords, Green Galaxy Gaze, Royal Faerie Wings, Lime Green Shaggy, Red Bow Tie, Red, White, and Shaggy, Evil Assassin from the Bleakest timeline, Adurite Antlers, Purple Butterfly Smile and more.

Additionally, in this article we are going to inform you some information of menu on the site of Rolimon’s. On the Catalog, you can browse items with thumbnail images and narrow your search with filtering and sorting. Then, on Players menu, you can check your item inventory, stats, and value. Aside from that, on players menu, you are able also to track your progress with other player history chart.

There is a menu on Rolimon’s site named Leaks. If you open Leaks menu, so you are able to see upcoming Roblox items before they are released. We think that it will be interest once we can know upcoming Roblox items before they are really released. Then, on Trade, you can find the active traders of the items that you are looking for through trade ads quickly. Recent Changes can be opened by you to view recent changes in Value, Trend, Demand, and more. Next, Trade Calculator is one of features to calculate the value and RAP of any Roblox trade easily.

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