A Cheat How to Get 750 Points on Roblox in the New Game “Get Eaten”

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Roblox Get Eaten is known as the game on Roblox. This one was made by TrinedDooman on June 10th, 2010. According to the description of the game, KrixYaz, EricThePianoGuy, and Fefaultio have contributed the game. As per August 10, 2018, the game has been favorited by 699,228, has been liked by 147,735, and has been disliked by 28,382.

How to play Roblox Get Eaten? Here is the method how to play. At the spawn, there is the large selection of random foods, animals and normal vehicles that all the players are able to drive. Everyone has to drive all of them to several different slides and slide down them. After sliding down, the player will fall into the mouth of the oversized Robloxian. Then, the player slides down the big Robloxian while losing their hats. The moment the player has reached the bottom of the Robloxian, they have to slowly go back and fourth in them and eventually fall out through the small hole. When they can manage to exit the Robloxian, the skin of the player will turn brown as the symbolization of human waste. Then, the player will fall into the oversized toilet bowl. The next thing after that, the player have to slide down the toilet for the short amount of time and fall out of the toilet again. This time is through the small hole. After falling through the toilet, the player will get 1 slide experience point and 20 points.

Just like most of the games, there are cheats on Roblox Get Eaten. In general, the term “cheat” can be described as the act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain the certain advantage. One of the cheats related to Roblox Get Eaten is a cheat how to get 750 points on Roblox in the game Get Eaten. How to it? There are several methods that you can try. This following method is explained by a Youtube channel called Roblox Lover.

In order to get the 750 points on Roblox in the game Get Eaten, the first thing that you have to do is to earn 100 points by getting eaten. Once you have 100 points, you will get the gravity coil. Then, go to the place where there is something written “750 Points To Advance”. You have to pass through the board. In fact, you might be failed to do so as it is quite hard to pass. If you manage to pass through the board written “750 Points To Advance”, the next thing that you have to do is to walk a little bit and slide down into the pink pipe slide. In the end, you will exit through it. After everything is done, you will be able to get 750 points as the rewards. Aside from that, there are also some videos that can be used as the reference. You can just visit Youtube to find out about them.

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