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It is fun to have a lot of items in our inventory. Of course, we need a lot of Robux if we want to buy a lot of items in Roblox catalog. Surely, you have some certain gears that you want to buy in Roblox catalog. What are they? Could you share your wish here?

Well, you may want to buy gears and you need some information about that. If it is true, you come to the right site and you read the right article, too. Why? It is because in this article, we are going to inform you some gear codes including admin gear codes in Roblox catalog.Are you ready?

  • Gravity Coil. The code is 16688968.
  • Birthday Pinata. The code is 34398938.
  • Slateskin Potion. The code is 11450664.
  • Orc Blade. The code is 10469910.
  • Stone Hammer. The code is 13207169.
  • Turkey Leg. The code is 13745494.
  • Healing Potion. The code is 11419319.
  • Elegant Blade. The code is 15470359.
  • Red Stratobloxxer. The code is 11419882.
  • Atmoblaster. The code is 777-50937815.
  • Grapple Hook. The code is 30393548.
  • A Staff of The Woodlands. The code is 11373617.
  • Atomic Disintegrator. The code is 3100-13838639.
  • OBC Skateboard. The code is 27902406.
  • Roblox Grab Bag. The code is 34398653.
  • Fuse Bomb. The code is 11563251.
  • Blow Dryer. The code is 11719016.
  • Paint Bucket. The code is 18474459.
  • Bronze Kopesh. The code is 18481407.

There are still codes of gears in Roblox catalog but we only give you some of them. So, if you want to find more, you are able to search it in the search box in Roblox catalog page. If you also need information about Admin Gear Codes for Roblox, you are able to watch some videos on Youtube that are related to it. Alternatively, you are also able to join in a group or forum to talk about admin gear codes for Roblox.

Now, we are going to inform you a little bit information about some gears that we have mentioned above. First is Gravity Coil. It is a gear which is a navigation and it costs R$ 250. If you equip this item, it will cancel 75% of gravity’s effect on your character. Besides, it also permits you to fall like a feather from great heights and also jump extra high. Second is Birthday Pinata. This gear is categorized into social. It costs R$ 150 and more than 13K people like this gear. Third is Slateskin Potion. This gear is medieval genre and categorized into power up attribute. It costs R$ 25. As you can read in the description that the ingredients of this potion is one part dust from the oldest mountain, three parts lava from the core of the earth, two parts dirt from the deepest sea and one splinter from the Rock of Prometheus. If you drink this potion, your skin will transform into rock and it permits you to take more damage than the average Robloxian. Then, it also can make you heavier which will slow you down slightly.

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