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Just like in real life, the kitchen is one of the most heavily trafficked and closely examined rooms of the house. This one is one of the first rooms your guests see when they walk in, it is the place your do your food preparation and it is probably where people linger when you are throwing the party. This room is believed to be the popular room to renovate.

The main problem is, kitchen renovations can be expensive, including in the Bloxburg world. If you want something nice without spending much, here is the inexpensive ways to make your kitchen in Bloxburg world more aesthetic.

The first one is to upgrade the window treatments. For the beginners, you can upgrade the kitchen window treatments. Instead of letting the window be framed by the old, dusty curtains,it is better for you to replace them with faux wood blinds, or something that matches the flooring more closely. One roll of the window treatments will not cost much, but it will change both the lighting and the overall vibe of the room.

The second one is to replace the appliance. Replacing the appliance is not cheap. However, it is still much less expensive than trying the full room makeover. From the hundreds to the thousands, you can swap out one of the decades old kitchen appliances for something shiny and modern. This one will not only make it look better and perform more reliably but also will make it having more energy efficient.

The third one is to invest in the new handles and pulls. Investing in the new handles and pulls can get the similar effect as ripping out the old cabinets and replacing them with the new ones. This way is less expensive. Even if those pieces are inexpensive and easy to install yourself, you can make your drawers and cabinets look much more modern and may even make them easier to use.

The fourth one is to paint or refinish the cabinets. For those who do not like the current cabinetry but cannot afford the full scale replacement, you have the option of painting or refinishing your cabinets. Actually, painting can be risky but with the right color and the high quality paint, they can really come alive and make the kitchen more aesthetic.

The fifth one is to hand brighter and tasteful lighting. The right lighting can make the worst designed kitchen aesthetically pleasing and vice versa. The bright, modern lighting may cost upwards of a few hundred dollars, but this option is much cheaper than the full on renovation.

The sixth one is to consider the small appliances as decor. The image of the kitchen depends on the smaller appliances such as the toaster, the automatic mixer, or the microwave. Spending a bit more money into these appliances and making right choices when it comes to the color and finish can take the kitchen to the next level. Basically, everything depends on many things, including your taste.

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