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Uploading audio is one of the features which is offered by Roblox. You are able to upload any audio in certain length. However, if you want to upload audio, you have to pay it based on the length of the audio that you upload. The types of audio that you can upload is mp3 or OGG files. If you try to upload any other files out of that, it can run the risk of error where the file will not function properly.

Audio can be used in Roblox place as background music, narration, sound effects and more. What audio do you want to use? You may want to use audio of Albert Screaming for sound effect or any other purposes. If so, you need to know the ID.

And here, we have some IDs of Albert Screaming audio and you are able to use these codes for uploading the audio in your Roblox place.

  • Albert Screaming by qJurx

         ID: 1252349760

  • Albert Screaming by Alaya_KM

          ID: 1251737869

  • Albert Screaming Alot by Connor_252009 group of shame

         ID: 2314312727

  • Albert Screaming by AlexToucanYT

          ID: 2562510225

By knowing the IDs, you do not need to upload the song. You just need to know how to use it now. To use audio in Roblox, you have to follow the steps below.

1. First, you have to discover a music file to Roblox and get the asset ID which you can find at the end of the URL. But, if you know the ID or you want to use the audio above, you can skip this step since you will use the ID above.

2. Then, you have to open Roblox Studio and then open a place.

3. In the Explorer window, you need to right click Workspace, choose Insert Object and then choose Sound.

4. Now, choose the new sound in the tree hierarchy.

5. In the Properties window, for SoundId, you have to enter and also the asset ID. For example, if you want to use the audio of Albert Screaming by qJurx above, you have to enter

6. After that, a LocalScript must be inserted into StarterGui and then open the script.

7. In this step, you have to delete all existing lines and enter the code: Workspace.Sound:Play().

8. Now, you are able to publish the game to Roblox.

If you do not want to use the IDs that we have mentioned above and you want to use other audio, you are able to upload it. The steps are very easy. You can login first to your Roblox account and then go to Create. After that, click on Audio and choose Browse to select and audio file. If you have chosen the audio that you want, now you are able to click on Estimate Price to find out how much Robux that you have to pay for your audio. If you have made your selection, you can click on Purchase for XR$ to end the purchase process.

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