All Fortnite Skins

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There are lots of skins which can be used to change about every cosmetic aspect of your character in the game of Fornite Battle Royale. All Fortnite skins are able to be purchased with V-Bucks in the item Shop or you are able also to unlock them via the Battle Pass. Then, your skins own may be viewed and applied in the Locker tab. Talk about Fortnite skins, at the moment in this article we are going to share about some best skins of Fortnite.

1. Candy Axe

The Candy Axe was released for Christmas 2017 as a seasonal skin, but that skin is not rare. There are no body knows yet whether the same skins are going to be available for next Christmas the new skins will be created. The Candy Axe is a candy cane with Christmas lightning twisted around it. Cost: 1500 V-Bucks

2. Blue Team Leader

The skin Blue Team Leader is only available for PlayStation 4 players who played Fortnite and linked their accounts. You are able also to use this skin Blue Team Leader on your PC if you link your accounts. Eventually, the skins should be synced. This skin also comes with a glider with the same color theme.

3. Sparkle Specialist

This Sparkle Specialist skin was released for the Season 2. You have to know that this skin is very exclusive to their passes. So it is not strange if this Sparkle Specialist skin quite rare. Cost: Battle Pass Tier 56.

4. Black Knight

Black Knight skin was released for the Season 2. This skin is able to be obtained as a reward as Battle Pass Tier 70. It also came with a back skin which called as the Black Shield which has not been that common in the Battle Passes.

5. Sgt. Green Clover

This Sgt. Green Clover skin was released on the St. Patrick’s Day 2018. It was available for a very limited time. This skin is part of the Green Clover Set and may be available on the next holiday. Cost: 800 V-Bucks.

6. Omega – Full Armor

This Omega – Full Armor is the highest skin that was released and available for the Battle Pass Season 4. You have to know that the skin itself is very rare because Omega – Full Armor skin is able to be obtained as a reward as Battle Pass Tier 100.

7. Tower Recon Specialist

This Tower Recon Specialist skin was released and available in the Item Shop. We think this skin looks like the normal default skin as you get once you install the game of Fortnite firstly. Tower Recon Specialist skin is also one of rare skins. Cost: 800 V-Bucks

8. Mako glider

This skin Mako glider is mostly rare because it was released during Season 1. You are able to get Mako glider skin as a reward as Battle Pass Level 25. However, you are able also purchase Mako glider skin with 500 V-bucks. Let us grab it fast now.

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