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Kohl’s Admin Commands is the term to call the advanced chat command script. This one includes the ability to insert some things like the gear and hats from the catalog and so on. Kohl’s Admin Commands was created by he now-deleted Kohltastrophe. Some users usually use this one to replace the broken ban script from Person299’s admin command script. For those who are looking for Kohl’s admin commands list 2018, here are some of them for you.

  1. s print(“Hello World”) — Allows the playerscript normally
  2. ls print(“Hello World”) — Allows the playerscript in local scripts
  3. clear — Removes everyscript/local script and every jail
  4. m Hello People – Allows the player toshout a message to everyone on the server
  5. kill kohl – Makesthe player die
  6. respawn kohl — Relaysthe player
  7. trip kohl — Trips the player
  8. stun kohl — Stuns the player
  9. unstun kohl — Unstuns the player
  10. jump kohl — Makes the player jump
  11. sit kohl — Instructsthe player sit
  12. invisible kohl — Makesthe player invisible
  13. visible kohl — Turnesthe player visible
  14. explode kohl — Makes the player explode
  15. fire kohl — Putsthe player on fire
  16. unfire kohl — Eliminates fire from the player
  17. smoke kohl — Puts smoke to the player
  18. unsmoke kohl — Eliminatessmoke from the player
  19. sparkles kohl — Putssparkles to the player
  20. unsparkles kohl — Removes sparkles from the player

You can find the full list by visiting the official website of 9amandapanda. As for those who are looking for Kohl’s admin commands script, you can visit Roblox Pastebin instead. Here are some of them for you.

  1. –UPLOADED BY THEMINECRAFTER2012, Please leave my name below!
  2. owners = {“TheMinecrafter2012″,”YOUR NAME HERE”} — Are able to set admins who can ban/etc… using :pa name
  3. local admins = {“Optional Admin(s) Here”,”Optional Admin(s) Here”} — Puts admins that is able to use ban/kick/admin or shutdown
  4. local tempadmins = {“Optional Admin Here”} — Sets admins that can not use ban/kick/admin or shutdown
  5. local banland = {“NAUGHTY PEOPLE HERE”,”NAUGHTY PEOPLE HERE”} — Permanently Bans people
  6. local prefix = “:” — If you wanna change how your commands start ‘:’kill noob
  7. local AutoUpdate = true — Set to wrong if you do not want it to automatically update
  8. —————–
  • Group Admin —
  1. —————–
  2. local GroupAdmin = false — If a particular team is able to have admin
  3. local GroupId = 0 — Sets the group id that can have admin
  4. local GroupRank = 0 — Sets what rank and above a person has to be in the group to have admin
  5. local FunCommands = true — Set to incorrect if the player only wants the basic commands (For Strict Places)
  6. ———————
  • Tips and Tricks —
  1. ———————
  2. –[[
  3. With this kind of thing, you are able to do a command on multiple people at a time;
  4. :kill me,noob1,noob2,random,team-raiders


  1. You can also use a variety commands for different people;
  2. all

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