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As we know that on Roblox, there are many games that we can play. One of games is Baldi Field Trip. It is a Roblox game inspired by The original Baldi’s Basics Field Trip DEMO. Please read entire article to get some information about that.

Baldi’s Basics Field Trip: Camping is also known as Baldi’s Basics Camping DEMO. This game was created by 40uhpna on July 25, 2018. Then, it was updated on April 29, 2019. This Roblox Baldi Field Trip game is categorized to horror genre and t is able to be played by 20 maximum players in one server. For your information, today, the game has 21,681 favorites and 1,9m visits.

Well, now we will talk about the gameplay of Baldi Field Trip: Camping. On the game, as a player, you spawns in the small version of the school. There are two hallways who cut off by walls hat written “The demo ends here”. Then, there is one of the textures which has no collision, and leads to the small walkway and series of similar textures says that someone must stop it as there is nothing else. For this case, if they do not stop and keep going, so they will be regret of it. Afterwards, at the end of the hallway, there will be the Principal of the thing stands idly that says something like no breaking the fourth wall in the halls. It is when you as the player comes near.

Now, you can walk outside through the double doors, where they are going to see the character named Baldi in the camping outfit standing in front of the poorly drawn school bus. If you walk close enough to the school bus, so they are going to be teleported to the small clearing in the forest which has the fire in the center. Besides that, there are a Bully and Arts and Crafters also come on the trip. Even though not seen boarding the bus, but all of them are seen at the campsite. When Baldi and you have arrived at the campsite, then Baldi is going to instruct you to collect the firewood or sticks. It aims to keep the fire going while Baldi sets up the bear traps.

If you hold the big amounts of wood weights, it is able to increase the time to travel from one location to other location. Then, the points are going to increase as long as the fire is burning automatically. Remember that you have to keep in mind that the firewood does not re-spawn, so you are going to be forced to venture further out into the woods as the game progresses. This thing will makes it incredibly easy to lose sight of the campfire, and leaving you lost with nothing to do but caught by the character named Baldi.

For your information, there are several factors which can indicate how much the time remains before the fire goes completely out. Those factors are the points auto gain going slowing to under 30 each second and the deepening tone of the chirping crickets ambiance.

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