Become a Criminal Millionaire $$$ + Tips and Tricks (Secret Glitch)

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If you want to become a criminal millionaire $$$ on Roblox Jailbreak, please keep reading this entire article and find the tips and tricks to be one. Everything should be done well, so you will not have a hard time to be the criminal millionaire.

In order to be a criminal millionaire, you can try to rob the bank after you escape from the prison. Bank is considered as one of the several heist locations in Roblox Jailbreak. The location of it can be found in the city. There are the Lamborghini and Model3 spawn near this location. When the game called Roblox Jailbreak first came out, this one was the only place to rob and included quite a few glitches, one of which made the bank un-robbable. Apparently, most of those glitches are patched now, but there are still some that are not patched to this day.

In the past, the bank was viewed as the hardest heist in Roblox Jailbreak. In the recent update, however, this one is one of the slightly more easier heists, along with the jewelry store. For your information, there are five possible heist situations in the bank, along with the ATM in he lobby, next to the door, that you are able to enter the codes into. It is stated that the bank building itself has no upstairs area, only five variants in the basement. Currently, it is still unknown if this will change in the future updates.

If you want to be a criminal millionaire by robbing the bank, it is better for you to consider the advantages and the disadvantages of the bank first. The first advantages is the fact that it gives the notifications when a police officer enter the bank. Second, the police office will not be able to enter the bank basement and vault if a robbery has not started. Third,there are 2 to 3 different escape routes that you can choose. Fourth, all the criminals can team up to defend themselves more easily. Fifth, the obstacles are easier and shorter than the jewelry store. Sixth, it is quite easy to rob, excluding the Presidential Vault. Seventh, the Mint is easy to rob and it can give you a good amount of cash.

As for the disadvantages, here are some of them. First, it requires a keycard to rob. Second, it takes lots of time to get the money, especially for all the players who have the Bigger Duffer Bag gamepass. Third, you have 1 minute to escape successfully when the criminal leaves the bank. Fourth, it is hard to rob if the server has more than 5 cops in it. Fifth, the thing called the Presidential Vault is really hard to successfully rob. Sixth, anyone is able to enter during the robbery. It means cops can attempt to bust the robbery or arrest. Seventh, police officers can easily hide themselves underwater in the Financing Underwater Vault meaning the criminals cannot easily see them when they are trying to arrest the robbery.

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