Becoming a Secret Spy in Roblox

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By becoming a secret spy in Roblox, it means that you will join the training camp to be the secret spy. Are excited to be? In the secret agent theme, there are a lot of wooden blocks called “poops” that you can find.

It is everywhere and blocking your way. Do you know what you have to do to through the blocking blocks? The answer to the question is easy. Everything that you have to do is to jump over the blocking blocks and you will be fine. On the other hand, you can die if you bump into them. So, please be extra careful.

In the beginning of the scene, you will see a super car. This kind of car is the one that can be used to go through the mission. It is like the car that has something powerful to defense you from everything that comes from the outside. The question is, can you ride it now? Sadly, you cannot ride it yet when you are still a trainee. Aside from the super car, you will be able to see the super secret agent wall weapons in the same area. Every kind of weapon that can accompany you on the mission is well-managed behind the glass. After looking all of them, you will start to join the training.

It is stated that the first step to become a secret spy in Roblox is to enter the the room with a lot of boxes like lego called training room. You have to jump through this as a secret agent. Remember that safety is first. You will be a worst spy if you fall. At first, you might be in hard situation when you always fall. However, you do not have to worry as it will be fine by practicing. You will have to down the tunnel and see more doors. If you pass the first training, then you can board a helicopter to start your first mission.

In the real mission, there are many snipers that you have to watch out. They will not move as long as you do not cross red zone. There are also bear traps that can be seen. Then, you have to get on tower to find another way into the base. Grapple is the best way that you can do. Please open the base quickly. In the next step, you fill face traps in the base. Do not touch the lava that looks like nuclear acid. Just grapple and cross those events carefully. Keep be careful with the snipers. Please sneak across carefully.

Once you passed some obstacles, you will see a giant robot. Inside the robot, you have to find the computer chip to destroy the robot. The first part of robot you are in is the rib cage in upstairs. There are more blocking blocks that you have to jump. The tiny tightrope is also there so please do not look down. Try to move fast to avoid the lava. The last part is robot arm. Keep jumping on the blocking blocks or the lava will explode. Once you are successful, you can ride the helicopter and go to HQ to claim your reward.

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