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Roblox is a place for you to play any games. Roblox offers a wide variety of genres in it including horror, FPS, medieval, naval, fighting, sports, town and city, and many more. In Roblox, there are a lot of things that are fun to looking for. In this chance, we are going to look for information about Benere Rolimons.

If you search Benere in Roblox, it is a profile name of a Roblox user. In his profile, you are able to see that he is a member of Builders Club. He also has 199 friends, more than 34K followers and follows more than 4.7K people. The avatar now is wearing Red Plaided Mutie [-], Brown Scene Hair, Red Plaided Mutie [+], Sammy “Slick” Witter face, White Sparkle Time Fedora, The Void Star, and holding Dual Venomshanks and there is an Immortal Sword: Venom’s Bite behind him. In Benere’s inventory, he has a lot of collections including Straw Hat, Ghidorah Head, Hovering Heart, Black Widow Egg, Captain America Egg, Rock Golem, Lily Sunhat, Bounding Bunny, Royal Party Hat, International Fedora – Germany, Showtime Bloxy, Glorious Pharaoh of the Sun and many more.

He also joins some groups including Roblox Arsenal League which his rank is Honored, Yuni which his rank is Friends, zyzrmob which his rank is zyzrmafia, Beneres’s Babies which his rank is owner, Rolimon’s which his rank is users, Trade which his rank is Multi-Millionaires, Cone Nation which his rank is Moderator Cone, Scarce which his rank is Loyal, and Donation Friends which his rank is Benere/ MoneyMaker. He has some favorite games including Trade Hangout, [Celebrity] Adopt Me, God Simulator, Anime Cross, Galactic Fortress, One Piece: Crystal, Pet Paradise and many more.

Besides, he also has some badges. For Roblox badges, he has Combat Initiation badge, Warrior badge, Friendship badge, Veteran badge, Homestead badge, Welcome To The Club badge, Bricksmith badge, and Builders Club badge. For Player badge, he has Obtained a Glubbie, VIP, You Played Ultra Fun, You’re Winner, Thank for playing, You Joined, 10 Million Party, Tycoon Bag, Bag Hunter, and some more. It is known that he joined Roblox since January 19th, 2013 and until now his place has been visited more than 1.1K times.

In Roblox, you can find Rolimon’s group. It is one of groups that is followed by Benere. Rolimon’s grup on Roblox is created by Rolimon and now it has more than 1.3K members. In this group, the members are able to discuss about Roblox limiteds, values, interesting data that you find on Rolimon’s or other topics which are related to it.

So, if you really like Benere or you want to find out information related to Rolimon, you are able to join the group. You can also access the website of Rolimon for trades or anything. You may be able to trade with Benere. In the Rolimon group, there is also a link to Trade Hangout game. It is a game which was created by Merely on January 19th, 2012. This game is there because it is related to the group. Well, if you also like playing Trade Hangout, you can join Rolimon group to discuss anything with the members.

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