Best / Famous Uncopylocked Games on Roblox

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Have you ever think of republish a game by getting an uncopylocked game? Well, if so, it means that you need an uncopylocked game that you have to edit. What game do you want to edit? To make your wish come true, we have a list of famous uncopylocked games on Roblox.

There are a lot of famous games on Roblox which are uncopylocked those are:

  • [BETA] Star Wars
  • Battles
  • Fort Independence
  • Harpers Island
  • White House
  • Farmulator
  • Athens
  • MeepCity
  • The Mad Murderer
  • Sunset City
  • Linebattles
  • Advanced Warfare Tycon
  • Attack of Titan
  • Azure Mine
  • Blackout
  • Call of Robloxia
  • Classic Dodge The Teapots of Doom
  • Murder Mystery 2
  • Natural Disasters
  • Phantom Forces
  • Pokemon Brick Bronze

Do you know how to use someone’s else copying allowed game as a template? You may often see a game which you think would work as a good starting point for your own game. Even some builders encourage you to use their games for this aim. But you have to note that a game is only able to be copied if the notice “This game’s source can be copied” is listed on the game’s About tab. So, if you find this notice, you are able to copy the game and you can use it as a starting point for your own game.You are able to get the file of those uncopylocked games and also find other uncopylocked games on You are able to find the link in the Youtube channel of iSan G4ming in his video entitled Uncopylocked [100+] Games in Roblox 2017. There are also some other videos that you can find on Youtube where they give you the link on the description to be able to be downloaded. So, just search by your own.

For your information, long time ago, everyone was able to use Inspect Element to be able to change the Play button to an Edit button. It enabled the player to edit the game as they want. However, this exploit was patched on May 30th, 2016. The games which were uncopylocked using Inspect Element are Speed Run 4, Wheel of Fortune, Welcome to Roblox Building, Call of Robloxia 2 and 3, Work at Pizza Place, Deathrun, Mad Games v2.0, Twisted Murderer, Trade Hangout, Cube Cavern, Fish Sim 2015, Escape the Easter Bunny Obby and Burger Aboard.

To do that, the first thing that you can do is to go to the details page of the game. Then, click on the icon which looks like three dots to the upper right of its title. Now, you have to Edit in the menu which pops up. It will open the game in Studio where you are able to do one of the two things. First, you are able to choose file and then Save As and save the game to your PC. You are able to edit the game to your liking. Or second, you are able to choose file and then Publish to Roblox As and then upload over an existing game or make a new one.

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