Best Robbery Games in Roblox

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Robbery games are available a lot on Roblox so that you are able to choose any robbery games there. If we talk about robbery games, you may want to know the best robbery games on Roblox. Actually, the best robbery game will be different of each player because everyone has their own taste about good robbery games. But here, we conclude some best robbery games based on the number of visitors.

The first robbery game is Jailbreak. This game is very popular and surely all of Roblox players know about this game. If you play this game, you are able to select your role whether being a police officer or a criminal. If you choose to be a criminal, you will have a chance to rob the bank. But if you choose to be a police officer, then you have to stop the criminals. This game resembles to the Grand Theft Auto series, especially with the ability to rob places like banks. There are a number of game passes that you are able to buy in this game including SWAT for R$ 300, Car Stereo for R$ 250, Bigger Duffer Bag for R$ 300, VIP for R$ 1000, Mobile Garage for R$ 450 and Boss for R$ 300. A number of game badges can also be gained by you in this game and those are Most Valuable Player (MVP), Top Gun, Bank Bust, Drill Sergeant, Master Criminal, Bonnie & Clyde, and Smooth Criminal.

Another robbery games on Roblox which has also millions visitors is Crazy Bank Heist Obby which was created by PlatinumFalls on December 23rd, 2014. This game can be played by 10 maximum players in each server and now it has been visited more than 401 million times with more than 1.7 million favorites and more than 334K likes. You can make your way through crazy underground cities and battle your way though monsters in this game and you also can explore ancient temples and find hidden treasure. It is important to know that this bank heist is not a walk in the park. There is the level of the game and it will be harder as you progress. Super Speed, Double Jump, Invincibility, Jet Pack, Grapple Hook, Teleport Gun, Titan Mode and Bazooka are game passes that you can buy in this game.

Notoriety which was created by Brick_man has more than 100 million visitors. This game can be played by 100 maximum players in each server and it is categorized into an FPS game. The goal of this game is making as much as money that you can from doing heists ranging from simple jewelry store, smash and grabs to a prison break to emptying a casino vault of its crash. You are able to make a team with other players.

Even though this game do not has visitors as many as the games above, but Robbery Simulator is recommended to play. This game was created by Voldex Services on February 5th, 2019 and now it has been visited more than 13.2 million times. It can be played by 20 players in each server. In this game, you have to search the town and grab all the precious loot that you find but of course you have to be careful with the guards that will stop you.

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