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Recently, there are many people who talk about Better Discord Plugins. We are sure that you come to this page to get its information. So, what do you do to get Better Discord Plugins? To get its information, keep read this article until end.

If you search Better Discord Plugins from your choice browser using keyword Better Discord, so you are able to get some results regarding that. Apparently, there are several websites which provide a series of plugins for Better Discord. Even, there are also some websites that provide the themes for Better Discord. We are sure that you want to get some plugins and themes for your Better Discord.

Now, we are going to inform you a website that you are able to visit in getting plugins for Better Discord. It is GitHub. From that website, you are able to find and download some plugins and themes for Better Discord. So, just go the that website. Do not forget to sign in first. If you never sign up, so you are able to sign up now. To join with GitHub, you have to fill some information. Apparently, there are three steps. The first step, you have to set up your account. The second step, you need to select the subscription. Then, the third step, you have to tailor your experience.

In the first step, once you are creating an account, there you have to enter your username. After that, you have to enter your email address. Then, you are able to enter your password. You have to ensure that your password at least fifteen characters or at least eight characters including a number and a lowercase letter. The last, you just need to click at the green button say “Create an account”. By clicking “Create an account”, it means that you agree to their Terms of Service and Privacy Statement. Then, they are going to send you account-related emails occasionally.

If everything is done, so you are able to sign in, just enter username or email address and then your password to sign in. For searching a series of plugins and themes for Better Discord, you are able to search it through the search bar. Then, it is going to show you some plugins and themes for Better Discord. The next step, you just need to choose what plugins you want to download. Of course, there are many plugins you can download for Better Discord.

There are some plugins for Better Discord. Well, in this article, we are going to share those plugins.

  •  BadgesEverywhere: This plugin can show the Badges in the chat or memberlist.
  •  Better Friend Count: This plugin will show the amount of total and online friends.
  • Better Search Page: This plugin add some extra controls to the search results page.
  • Char Counter: It add a character counter to the chat.
  • Chat Aliases: This plugin allow you to configure your own chat that will automatically be replaced before the message is being sent.
  •  Chat Filter: This plugin will allow you to censor words or block complete messages.

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