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If you use Discord, you may want to have a better theme. But, the problem is that you do not know how to do that because you are new in using this platform. Well, you do not have to be worried because we are going to tell you about it.

If you want to use a better theme on Discord, you are able to visit some websites which provide it. Some of them are Better Discord Library, Discord Source, User Styles, Code Dot Spectra and many more. So, how to install a Discord theme? First, you have to install BetterDiscord. Then, you have to join the BetterDiscord server and go in the #theme-repo channel.

Now, you have to select a theme and download it. After that, open discord and then go in settings, BetterDiscord, Themes and then open theme folder. Then, you have to slide the .theme.css file that you downloaded into the folder that just opened. Now, you have to go back to Discord and then do Ctrl + R to reload it. Then, you have to go back in settings, BetterDiscord, Themes and enable the theme.

You may be curious what is BetterDiscord. Well, it includes emojis and emotes directly from There, you will find a custom CSS editor for coders to alter the platform to their liking. You are also able to add in plug-ins and extensions, customize your theme, switch to a more minimal mode to focus on voice chat and more.

As we mentioned previously that you have to download BetterDiscord if you want to install Discord theme. It is important to know that before you begin any part of the installation process of BetterDiscord, you have to make sure that you have installed the traditional Discord platform first. From there, before you begin anything, you have to make sure that the original service is closed. Then, you have to go to the BetterDiscord official download page and make sure that you select the version best that suits to your operating system like Windows 10 or MacOS. If you have chosen, then an installer will download to your machine. Now, open the installer and go through the process of installation. Then, accept the terms and conditions, read the license agreements and then select and installation location. Wait for it until it is done. If the installation process is done, you can restart the Discord platform and now you are ready to use BetterDiscord.

BetterDiscord has a lot of different extensions to customize your experience.You are able to send larger messages so they will be much easier to read for those with bad vision. You can also hide servers or organize them within folders and to display hidden channels that you may not have access to because of your permission set. Other plug-ins permit spellcheck, show the details of your images and link to your Steam profile. If you want to customize themes, you can do that. You may want to change the themes to maroon, blue or looks like the classic Windows XP experience.

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