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In the game, usually there are characters. What kind of game character that you like? Is it strong, gentle, sweet, cute, or mysterious? Well, everyone of you must have your own preference. As we know that in Roblox we are able to create our own games. So, it includes the character in it.

Well, talk about character in Roblox games, now we are going to show you how to import your character into blender. How to do that? To import character into blender might be similar with models but it is without ungrouping the stuff. First, you have to get the load character plugin. It should be on the front page.

Now, you have to open it up after you install it and then type in your name. After that, you have to ungroup it and then copy children, delete and then paste. Group and rename it. In this step, you have to export it as an object file. And then, you can put it in blender. Now, import that object. If you want to see the tutorial in video version, you are able to watch the video of Doginium in Youtube and the name of the object is How to Import Your Character Into Blender.

If you have not downloaded Blender, you have to download and install it first in your device.You are able to download it in the internet in the This software is free and it is an open source 3D creation suite. It is able to support the entirety of the 3D pipeline such as modeling, animation, rigging, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking even you are able to edit video and create games as well.

For your information, blender is a project which is public and it is made by hundreds of people from around the world. Those people include studios and individual artists, professionals, hobbyists, scientists, students, animators, VFX experts, modders, game artists and so on. Composition of blender which is of modeling tools comprehensive can make creating, transforming and editing your models a breeze because Blender has full N-Gon support, edge slide, insert, grid and bridge fill, advanced sculpting tools and brushes, multi-resolution and Dynamic subdivision, 3D painting with textured brushed and masking, and also python scripting for custom tools and add-ons. Then, it also has the high quality rigging and animation tools. Blender is used for a number of short films, advertisement, TV series and feature films.

Why? Because it has b-spline interpolated bones, envelope, skeleton and automatic skinning, curve editor and dope sheets, custom bone shapes for fast input and sound syncronization. For your information, there is a new in blender. Blender 2.79b has a new Denoiser, PBR Shader, Shadow Chatcher, Filmic Color Management, AMD OpenCL improvements and much more. All of that also include a massive 900 bug fixes.

If you have any other questions related to Blender Roblox character, you are able to ask about it in a group or forum of Roblox developers. Besides you can get knowledge, joining group or forum also can add new friends.

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