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Blob Simulator 2 Twitter codes are some keywords posted by the owner of the game named White Hat Studio for the reward. This kind of code can only be used once in the game. In order to enter the code, you have to click on the Twitter logo on the right and then enter.

Blob Simulator 2 Twitter codes divided into two. The first one is the available codes and the second one is the expired codes. For those who are looking for the available Blob Simulator 2 Twitter codes, here are some of them for you. The first one is “mybad”. This code will give you 200 coins as the reward. The second one is “russothegoat”. You can enter this code if you want to get the Russo pet. The third one is “gravy”. You will get 300 turkey tokens if you use this code. The fourth one is “happythanksgiving”. Just like the third one, this one also will reward you 30 turkey tokens. The fifth one is “yummyfood”. The reward is the same as the third and fourth one. Aside from those two, there is one more Twitter code of Blob Simulator 2 that can give you 30 turkey tokens. It is “balloonparade”. Please keep in mind that this code is available until the update 1.7.

If you want more turkey tokens, you can try to use the code named “sorryboutthat”. This one will give you 300 turkey tokens in total. The eighth one is “coins”. This code will reward you 250 coins. The ninth one is “coins2”. By using this code, you will be able to get 250 coins as well. The tenth one is “epicrainbows”. The reward of this code is 50 apples. The eleventh one is “blobhammer”. This one was added on January 1st, 2019. You will be able to get 200 apples in total if you use this code. The twelfth one is “update2”. Please use this code if you want to get 40 coins. That code is not the only code that can give you 40 coins. Aside from that, some others are “thankyou”, “update1”, “Woohoo”, “wefinallgotit”, “mardigras”, and “Awesomefans”.

For the Blob Simulator 2 Twitter codes that can give you coins, the other ones that you can try to use are “update3” (75 coins), “communityeffort” (75 coins), “luckyevent” (100 coins), “update4 (200 coins), and “update5” (200 coins).

Aside from all the codes mentioned above, some other ones that can give you rewards are “RedBlobBud” (Baby Red Blob), “EggTime” (coins to buy a tier 1 egg), and “chestsuccess” (radioactive community blob).

As stated before, there are the available codes as well as the expired codes. If you want to know the expired ones, those are “bowl” (Bowling Pet), “betatester” (100 apples), “carnival” (100 apples), and “releaseday” (100 apples). You are not encouraged to try using those expired codes as all of them will not give you anything and your effort will be useless. Please just try the available ones.

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