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Blob Simulator 2 Wiki is the term to call the page of Blob Simulator 2 on Wiki. Wiki is the place that you can visit every time you want to know something about the games. It is like the encyclopedia of the game. Everyone loves this site a lot as it provides the information about a lot of games.

Blob Simulator 2 Wiki consists of the information about the game called Blob Simulator 2. In the page, you will be able to see that Blob Simulator 2 is known as the game on the platform named Roblox. This one was created on January 2019 by the creator named the White Hat Studios. The genre of the game is adventure. Since the first time its release, it has gained around 14,700,000 visitors.

According to Blob Simulator 2 Wiki, Blob Simulator 2 is the sequel to Blob Simulator, which was also created by the same creator named White Hat Studios. Apparently, this game contains the leaderboard system, which includes the Coins, the Void Coins, the Super Coins, and the Diamonds. When you start the game, you will be able to choose between two blobs. The options are the blue and the pink one. Just like in the game called Pet Simulator, you will need to collect coins by clicking on what you want your Blob to get. Aside from that, the similarity to Pet Simulator is the fact that this one has multiple levels, which unlock at different amounts of currency. For example, in order to get Level 2, or Desert, you have to gain $ 20,000 in game.

In the world of Blob Simulator 2, there are some codes that can be used to get the rewards.  For your information, this kind of code can only be used once in the game. If you want to enter the code, you have to click on the Twitter logo on the right and then enter. Some of the codes are “mybad” (200 coins), “russothegoat” (Russo pet), “gravy” (300 turkey tokens), “happythanksgiving” (30 turkey tokens), “yummyfood”(30 turkey tokens), “balloonparade” (30 turkey tokens), “sorryboutthat” (300 turkey tokens), “coins” (250 coins), “coins2” (250 coins), “epicrainbows” (50 apples), “blobhammer” (200 apples), “update2” (40 coins), “thankyou” (40 coins), “update1” (40 coins), “Woohoo” (40 coins), “wefinallgotit” (40 coins), “mardigras” (40 coins), and “Awesomefans” (40 coins), “update3” (75 coins), “communityeffort” (75 coins), “luckyevent” (100 coins), “update4 (200 coins), “update5” (200 coins), “RedBlobBud” (Baby Red Blob), “EggTime” (coins to buy a tier 1 egg), and “chestsuccess” (radioactive community blob).

Aside from the available codes, there are the expired codes as well. If you want to know the expired ones, those are “bowl” (Bowling Pet), “betatester” (100 apples), “carnival” (100 apples), and “releaseday” (100 apples). Do not forget to not to try using those expired codes as all of them will not give you anything and your effort will be useless. In order to save your energy, please just try the available ones and get the rewards that you deserve.

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