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Do you like playing Bloxburg? Bloxburg is fun to play because in this game, we are able to roleplay and explore the city, build and design your own amazing house, have great vehicles, work, and hang out with friends. In Roblox, this game is categorized into popular games. We can also see that until now this game has been visited more than 540 million times.

Bloxburg can be played by 12 maximum players. This game is categorized into town and city games and has been favorited more than 3 million times. This game was created by Coeptus on November 5th, 2014 and the last update was on November 15th, 2018. Now, this game has been updated with new things such as moods decrease slower when near friends; added German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, and Dutch translations; added chat tag option; added bunk beds and various new furniture; added Blockbux category in build mode; custom heads are now supported; removed Halloween items; major bug fixes; and minor UI changes.

When you play this game, there are some passes that you have to buy such as Excellent Exployee for R$ 300, Premium for R$ 400, Multiple Floors for R$ 300, Unlocked Stereo for $ 400, Large Plot for R$ 250, and Advanced Placing for R$ 200.In Bloxburg game, there are some electronics such as phones and computers which can be found in Build Mode. Most electronics can be used to increase fun and your Music skill. Then, other electronics can be used to order food. There are also some other items which are just for decorations. One of the electronic items in Roblox is Cash Register. Have you seen it in Bloxburg? cash Register is one of electronic items which permits customers to make you payments. The cost of it is B$95. So, if you want to buy Cash Register, you have to own enough Bloxburg money. How about the other electronic items? Here, we have some information about them.

  • EPX Computer. This item has an 8-core Turbo CPU and triple RoForce Titan graphics cards and this mind blowing gaming computer is the most powerful. The cost is B$300.
  • Modern Wall Clock. This item is enormous stylish and looks cool. The cost is $700.
  • Cordless Phone. This item is a neat cordless phone and the cost is $675.
  • Old Gramophone. This item is an antique piece of history that has seen better days. However, this item is still able to produce great sound as long as you stay away from the dubstep.
  • Retro Dial Phone. This item looks cool but some might have problem when using it. This item costs $330.
  • HomeCine Projector Set. This item is a complete home entertainment set from HomeCine and it is perfect for the movie enthusiast. The cost is B$650.
  • DJ Booth. This item is high quality DJ booth which will blast music to the other side of town. The cost of this item is B$1,500.

Well, now you know what Cash Register is and the price of it as well. Besides, you also know the other electronic items that are available on Bloxburg. We just mentioned several items. If you want to know more, it is better for you to play Bloxburg now.

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