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There are some games in Roblox that needs ID to be able to be changed into an item or money. To get item or money by using ID, a lot of players try to to get the ID with any ways such as following the social media account of game’s creator, joining a group of related game, or looking for the ID in Youtube channel.

One of the games which also needs ID is Bloxburg. Are you one of Bloxburg players? If yes, you may be one of the players who are also looking for decal ID so that is why you come to this site and read this article. Well, Bloxburg is a game of Coeptus which was created in 2014. This game is categorized into one of the most popular games in Roblox. Until now, this game succeed in reaching the number of visit until more than 525 million. Players can play this game with 12 maximum players. This game is categorized into a town and city games where you have to build and design your awesome house, have great vehicles, roleplay or explore the city, and also hang out with friends. We can also say that this game is a life simulation game.

In this game, you will find two types of currency including Money and Blockbux. In this game, you will also find a lot of jobs. There are 11 jobs and every job will give you a varying amount of money. You will get promoted and begin earning more money per task if you complete a certain number of tasks. If you want to receive the money, you have to end your shift after which you will get your paycheck.

Talk about Bloxburg, as mentioned previously that you will need ID in certain parts. Because the reason of why you come here to look for decal ID of bloxburg, so we are going to give you the decal ID of Bloxburg. Here they are.

  • 186953761
  • 862749541
  • 862748055
  • 862748595
  • 862748994
  • 862749121
  • 862748782
  • 862748182
  • 862747804
  • 966283767
  • 966282122
  • 966280293
  • 966278285
  • 966276561
  • 966273732
  • 966271525
  • 966266989
  • 966260609
  • 960186460
  • 959225069
  • 942912347

You are able to try to apply these decal IDs to change picture. These ID work and you can prove it by yourself. You can also watch a video of why_so_hAPPY? In youtube channel where he tries to apply these IDs and those IDs work.

This game is very fun to play. It is proved by a lot of players so that this game can be visited more than 525 million times. If you play this game, there are some passes that you can buy. Those are Premium for R$ 400, Excellent Employee for R$ 300, Multiple Floors for R$ 300, Unlocked Stereo for $ 400, Advanced Placing for R$ 200 and Large Plot for R$ 250. If you have a plan to purchase those passes, make sure that you have enough Robux. Okay, if you have never played this game, it is better for you to try to play this game and enjoy the fun there!

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