Bloxburg Secret Room Ideas

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Home in the world of Bloxburg is the most comfortable place in the world. However, sometimes, when there are the others around, you just want to find some place that you can escape to. If you are too lazy to go out, why don’t you build something into your Bloxburg house? Maybe it is the best time for you to consider the secret room inside your own home.

The secret room can be placed anywhere in your home,whether it is behind the bookcase, under the staircase or even behind the blank wall. Everything is possible regardless of the size of your home. The best thing about it is that you can turn it into whatever you want. Here are some Bloxburg secret room ideas for you.

The first one is tiny house. At the first sight, you would think that there is nothing on the to of the bookshelf but with the quick climb of the ladder, you can access to the every own cozy reading place. It is such a good idea for any bookworm.

The second one is the hidden behind books home office. This one provides the comfortable workspace with the illusion f sorts, so that you can work in peace. It is another good option for those who love to read books.

The third one is called hillside retreat. When you are feeling stressed out, maybe you have to consider the building yoga room inside your home. As it is cleverly hidden from the outside, it is the good environment to gain some peace and quiet.

The fourth one is dwell on despair. This is the big bookshelf that makes the great doorway into the hidden room. This one relies on sturdy hinges to make sure that the weight is well supported. For those who love to read book, you may want to consider this option.

The fifth one is a thing called Harrison Street Residence. It is where you have the hidden gem that can lead to another part of the house. This one is not totally secret. It is more like camouflage the door and make it not obvious.

The sixth one is collector’s retreat. If you have the special collection that you want to keep secret or maybe share with the only few people, you can hide it behind the classy bookshelf for the easy access.

The seventh one is named Sophie Azoiaou. For those who are dreaming of the hidden walk in closet, this one can be our best choice. This one is located in the bedroom that blends in quite nicely with the existing door.

The eighth one is known as hilltop house. This one is located next to the wine cellar. It lies behind the bookshelves that can be accessed by simply shifting one of them. Basically, it is classy yet functional.

The ninth one is roverton – ewell. In order to get this hidden room, you would have to take the closer look at the bunk beds. There is the special ladder that will lead to the special and cozy room under the roof.

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