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The small modern home is one of the most favorite types of home inthe world of Bloxburg. This type of home is not really different with the small modern suburban one. usually, this kind of place to live has 4 rooms, and 1 garage with the good amount of space compared to most prebuilt houses. Apparently, this one is modeled after most basic 1 story houses you would find in America.

For those who are interested in Bloxburg small modern home, you can visit a site named Youtube. This platform offers you a lot of videos related to Bloxburg small modern home that you can use as the reference. Some of the best channels are CatBuilds, Aerozia, Bravo Avocado, iLeahxo, ZaiLetsPlay, Cylito, Ivy Games, Alla_manee, and many more. Some of them uncover the method to build the house with something entitled “home speed build”.

By watching the Bloxburg small modern home speed build, you will be able to get inspired of how to build the small modern home on Bloxburg. As you can guess, the term “speed” means fast, so you may need to watch the videos for more than once to get what the video is intended. When looking for the ideas for building the small modern home for Bloxburg on Youtube, it is better for you to not stuck with one video. Many video means many inspirations.

You cannot limit yourself on looking for the ideas for the small modern home for Bloxburg on Youtube. Aside from Youtube, there is another good platform that you can try to visit. This one is called Pinterest. Pinterest is such a best site for those who are looking for this kind of thing. The very first step that should be done is to open the official website of Pinterest. In the homepage, you just need to head to the Search bar and type “Bloxburg small modern home”. Once you hit the Enter button, the result will be shown.

The result of “Bloxburg small modern home” has the name and the image of the design. If you want to know more about the details, you can just click on the image and you will be taken to the page when you will be able to see the details.

One of the excellent examples of the Bloxburg small modern home for our reference is called Aubrey. For you to imagine, here is the full specifications of the Bloxburg small modern home called Aubrey. In the rooms category, there are 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 2 car bays. For the area, there are basement (560 sqft), main (1579 sqft), second (543 sqft), total finished (2682 sqft), and garage area (583 sqft). In the dimentions category, the width is 45’ and the depth is 55’. When it comes to the construction, the foundation type is basement, the exterior walls is 2×4, the basement wall height is 9’, the main wall height is 9’, and the second wall height is 8’.

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