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If you are a player of Roblox, maybe you know about Brickwork? He is one of Roblox user. Based on the research, Brickwork is joined on Roblox on August 22, 2008. If you see on his profile, you are able to see that currently he has 12 followers, those are pr0filezc0deZfunddZ, Shedletsky, builderman, 01_Builderman, stang90, Followall, Matt Dusek and more.

Then, he has 5 following, those are Shedletsky, builderman, stang90, Matt Dusek and miked. Today he has no friends. If you see at his avatar, currently his avatar is wearing bloxxer t-shirt. Then, for Roblox Badges, he only has one Roblox Badge, it is Veteran badge. If you want to know further information regarding Brickwork, so you are able to go to the profile of Brickwork directly.

Besides Brickwork, actually there are still Roblox users who are popular. One of them is guavs. If you see on guavs’s profile, you can see that currently he has 2 friends, those are Yellowpaco and marmarchanmar. Then, today he has more than 277K followers. But, currently there is no following. If you see at his avatar, currently his avatar is wearing Official Guava Juice Games Shirt, Green Laser Scythe, Propeller Beanie and Dark Green Jeans. Then, for his body part, currently he is using Man Right Arm, Man Left Arm, Man Left Leg, Man Right Leg, I < 3 New Site Theme and Man Torso.

If you look at Guava’s inventory, you can see that he has two accessories in category hat. Those are Propeller Beanie and Builders Club Hard Hat. For Roblox Badges, he has Builders Club, Veteran, Homestead, Bricksmith, and Welcome to the Club. Besides that, He has some player badges including Scuba Gear, Winners Badge, Welcome Badge, Crazy Dave, RIP Spwanify, Completed Obby, and many more. Based on the date, guavs has joined in Roblox since January 26th, 2016. Currently, his place has been visited 122,130 times.

Talk about Roblox users who are popular, in this article we will also to share how to make a good Roblox username so that you can popular using your username. Here are some ways in making a good Roblox username for you.

1. To make a good Roblox username, you have to think about the “type” of username that you want. You can make a one word username, a two word username, combine of word and numbers username, or one with numbers username.

2. The second way, you can think about the things that you like so much to be able to be created your username more creative.

3. You can make a good Roblox username by adding common prefixes or suffixes. In this case, you can add more letters to a one-word username.

4. In creating a good Roblox username, you can add certain number and letters to replace some characters in your Roblox username. It can add style to your username.

5. After that, You can use capital and lowercase letters.

6. The last way to make a good Roblox username is by making your unique Roblox username. In this case, you should create your Roblox username as unique as possible. To do it, you can prevent from the same username with other Roblox palyers. Then, you do not copy someone else’s username.

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