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If you are fans of Roblox game and you have played games in Roblox for a long time, you might be familiar with Bubble Trouble. It is a limited unique face which was made by Roblox on December 14, 2009. It has 2,500 copies sold. As you can see in the Roblox catalog that this face is available in several different colours and it is sold in different price as well including pink, green, purple and blue. Here are the price of them.

  • Pink Bubble Trouble is 37,500 Robux.
  • Green Bubble Trouble is 24,899 Robux.
  • Purple Bubble Trouble is 23,740 Robux.
  • Blue Bubble Trouble is 28,499 Robux.

Bubble Trouble RobloxTalk about Bubble Trouble, you might want to know about Roblox bubble trouble ID. If you want to know the ID of bubble trouble, here we provide it along with the ID of the other faces.

  • Blue Bubble Trouble : 33029692
  • Green Bubble Trouble : 38075422
  • Pink Bubble Trouble : 19264845
  • Purple Bubble Trouble : 36205199
  • Butterfly : 24727929
  • Blue Wistful Wink : 58372156
  • Braces : 30394484
  • Cheerful Grin : 33321848
  • Cheerful Hello : 36205164
  • Chill McCool : 37681314
  • Clown Face : 23644960
  • Content : 15366173
  • Cute Kitty : 11389441
  • Daydreaming : 29296146
  • Daring Beard : 11028880

Bubble Trouble is also available in item such as t-shirt, games or even bubble trouble Roblox robot. As you can see in the Roblox Catalog, bubble trouble t-shirt are sold in different price starting from 5 Robux, 100 Robux or even there is someone who sells it for 100,000,000 Robux. If you are looking for Bubble Trouble games, you can find some of them such as Bubble Trouble by SaharaMonae, Purple Bubble Trouble Funeral by aimahx, Green Bubble Trouble by nint_endo, Double Bubble Trouble Dance by DBT Group!, Bubble Trouble’s Trade Hangout by bubble trouble, Bubble-Trouble Boss Fight by WeeForon, Green Bubble Trouble Studios Hangout by Green Bubble Trouble Studio, and many more. For your information, Blue Bubble Trouble is a unique face which is limited and published in the catalog on December 11, 2015. Until February 13, 2017, this face has been bought 2,500 times and favorited 3,488 times. If go to blue bubble trouble RbxRocks, you can see that the blue bubble trouble has 25,436 of RAP, 29,000 of value and the demand is high.

When you see Bubble Trouble in the Roblox catalog, you can see that each of them has unique description. Description of pink Bubble Trouble says that it is a bad idea to run and chew gum at the same time, except you can enjoy having gum stuck in your esophagus and being unable to breathe. Then, the description in the blue Bubble Trouble says, “Why is raspberry gum blue? IDK… but I love it.”In the Purple Bubble Trouble the description says, ” Grape gum for the win!”. In the Green Bubble Trouble the description says, “They say everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. I guess that is also true for gum.”

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