Calling Roblox and Asking for Robux

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As the official currency of the platform called Roblox, everyone wants to have a lot of Robux. With this currency, you will be able to do things such as buying items. However, getting a lot of Robux is not easy. Due to this fact, a lot of players try to do everything. One of the crazy things they love to do is to call Roblox and ask for Robux.

Calling Roblox and asking for Robux is probably one of the things every player of Roblox has done in their life. It might sound crazy but in fact almost everyone has done it before. You will be able to see a lot of videos on Youtube with the content of Roblox players calling Roblox and asking for Robux.

One of the most watched video of Roblox player calling Roblox and asking for Robux is the one made by the Youtube channel named Istallion. This video has been watched 1.070.739 times. In the first part of the video, this boy stated that he has done it before. He has tried to call Roblox and ask for Robux and his Robux account got banned for 3 days right after that. Why did his Roblox account get banned? There is the possibility that the main reason behind it is because Roblox think that his kind of thing is a prank.

In his second try, “Istallion” looked for the phone number of Roblox through Google. There were some, one of them was 888582569. The first and the second numbers were not correct and the third one was actually right.

When you watched the video, you will be able to heard someone from Roblox. The way she speaks sounds like the customer service.s

“Thankyou for calling Roblox. With the imagination flatwork all may be recorded convenient quality players of any age. Maybe you should press 1 for more assistance parents credit card holders and business contacts, you should press 2.”

Istallion boy pressed one of the button, and then here is the thing heard from the speaker.

“Please listen to one of the following options. Press 1 for the information on cancelling a membership. Press 2 for the other account or billing assisted. Press 3 for business contacts. Press 0 for all other calls. Press start to return to the previous menu. To prove that you are not a robot, please provide the username, your email address.”

After the customer service said everything, Istallion boy mentioned is Roblox account. Then, he stated his intention to call Roblox which was no one than asking for Robux. Upon stating his wish, the phone call went lost. The boy started to panic and was sure that his Roblox account would be banned by Roblox, just like the last time.

Aside from Istallion, there are some other videos asking for the same thing but no one of them has bee successful. In conclusion, do not ever try to ca;; Roblox and ask for Robux as it will be useless and your Roblox account will be banned instead.

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