Can You Kill the Rake in Roblox

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On Roblox, there are many horror game. One of them is the game of the Rake. It is a scary horror game with extravagant gameplay. Based on the research, the game of the Rake was developed by RVVZ on September 2018.

Actually, it is a reintroduction of the original Rake game that was discontinued in 2016. Then, it is a more classical and beta version of the original, and yet the bugs and glitches are present. We get information that the Rake game is one of popular game in Roblox. There are many people who play this game. By the way, do you ever play the game of the Rake? If you never play it, we suggest you to try to play it. We are sure that you will be enjoy with the game especially for you who are a liker of horror game.

Talking about the game of the Rake, there are many people who looking for the information about how to kill the Rake in Roblox. By the way, can you kill the Rake? What do you do to kill the Rake? There are many people that they cannot kill the Rake.

In this case, we inform you that on the game of the Rake: Classic Edition, you cannot kill the Rake. You only can escape from the Rake to survive. There are no any way which you can do to kill the Rake. However, there are many video on Youtube which show that they can kill the Rake. For this case, you are able to search and watch those video on Youtube to see the way how to kill the Rake. You are able to prove it whether it is true or not they can kill the Rake.

Apparently, there are many video on Youtube talking about how to defeat or kill the Rake. There is a video entitled “How to Kill the Rake (The Rake: Classic Edition)”. That video was published by Brickboybrian on January 13, 2019. Today, the video has 5,890 views. On that video, the publisher show about the way to kill the Rake on the game of the Rake: Classic Edition. If you see at the comment of that video, there are many people who comment that the Rake cannot be killed. We only scared it in it’s cave. If you are curious to watch that video, so you are able to go to YouTube and watch that video now.

In terms of the Rake: Classic Edition gameplay, it is very straight forward. You are redirected to a screen which tells them that the game is a work in progress upon joining. Then, you are able to compare it to such of like the Slenderman game franchise easily. On the game, you are lost in a forest, and sunset has taken its route. You will see that the dark seeps in and the light has escaped, as well as “The Rake”, he has awaken, and then will continue his massacre of brutally hunting people. So, prepare yourself!

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