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Do you looking for the information about the game of Catalog Heaven? Apparently, you have come to the right page because here in this page we are going to discuss about that. If you want to know its information, do not stop read this article.

We get information that there are many people who look for the information about the game of Catalog Heaven. It may cause of the game is one of the popular games in the biggest online gaming platform named Roblox. Now, from this article, you are going to get information you need. You have to know that this explanation based on Wiki.

By the way, who was created the game of Catalog Heaven? Remember that Catalog Heaven is a popular sandbox game that was created by Seranok and Merely on May 2010. Then, the game was published under the group Sky Studios. According to the research, the game of Catalog Heaven is also as the seventh most visited place of all time in the platform Roblox. Today, it has place visits around 177,000,000.

The purpose of Catalog Heaven game is for players to be able to test all of the merchandise which is offered on the Catalog before they actually buy it. Once you enter the game, a GUI menu will appears, it allowing them to select from a variety of gear, faces, hats, and packages. The clothes can also have been tested at one point before being removed. These items are able to be received after you have been selected and can be tested throughout the map of server.

In fact, the game is well-received for its concept and for the scripting in-game but criticized for limiting several of the gear available for testing to VIP users only. The game of Catalog Heaven is a well-received game in the Robloxian community. Besides, Seranok, as the creator of the game has received many praise for the game. You have to know that the game of Catalog Heaven was also the winner for a game trailer contest. Currently, there is a fan group for the game of Catalog heaven which has over 10,000 members. Then, today, Catalog Heaven has over 1,000,000 favorites and over 279,000 thumbs up.

By the way, how is about the gameplay of Catalog Heaven? On the game, the players spawn in little glass rooms above the map known as Spawn Boxes. There, the players are able to open a GUI where they are able to choose bodies, faces, hats, and gear for their Robloxian to wear. Afterwards, they are able to enter the map. Depending on where the players enter, there may be different maps. For your information, each one changes at random. One of the maps includes the giant grey rocks enclosing a grassy terrain with a white tower that you are able to climb on and a white house. There are five maps total.

If you want to get more information regarding the game of Catalog Heaven, so we suggest you to go to the page of Catalog Heaven on Roblox Wikia.

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