Clothes Codes for Roblox High School

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For those who are looking for clothes codes for Roblox high school boy, some of the best boy Roblox high school codes that you can try are 477730847, 570147396, 599617025, 495785833, 566744950, 567482873, 566743904, 550645397, 600286092, 577438134, 462949960, 449077835, 565853049, 473797211, 588202238, 576582491, 590762770, 531834680, 601042023, and 320136120.

You can find the full Roblox high school clothes codes list on the Internet. It is better for you to look the classified Roblox high school codes based on the genre to shorten the time to apply them and to avoid any unpleasant situations. In this case, for the boys, you would probably does not want to accidentally apply the code for girls and end up with the cute pink shirt on your favorite character.

Speaking about the clothes codes for Roblox high school, it will not complete without the Roblox high school hair codes. As part of the appearance, two of them are important and essensial. For those who are looking for the preference, you might want to try these following codes.

  1. 80S Superstar Hair                          : 12475355
  2. 8-Bit Action Ponytail                          : 54216480
  3. A Real Rockin’ Rolla        : 15469339
  4. All Hallo’s Hair                                 : 18474298
  5. America’s Sweetheart                    : 29952810
  6. Beautiful Blond Hair for Beautiful People      : 23361563
  7. Black and Pink Drama Hair                          : 28374852
  8. Black Manga Hero Hair                          : 39867292
  9. Black Surfer Hair with Green Highlight           : 21297156
  10. Blonde Action Ponytail                      : 39867319

Aside from the cloth codes and the hair codes, another essential things are Roblox highschool codes for pants. When there are the clothes, there are the pants. It is always like that. Some pants that can be your options are Pajamas (162755251), Teal Sparkle Time Halt with Adidas Tracker Pants (495464303), and Pastel Pink Valentines Day Outfit (652827980).

To make the appearance of your character best, then last thing you should consider is looking for face codes. Face is as important as those things mentioned above. What is the matter of the nice clothes, the nice pants, and the nice hairs if they are not suitable for the faces? To make it looking good, you can combine them all with the suitable face. Some codes of face that you can try are 23932048 (|awkward), 7074944 (Uh Oh), 10907541 (Mr. Chuckles), 20722130 (shiny teeth), 30394484 (braces), 20418658 (err…), 162068415 (yawn), 31117267 (skeptic), 11604990 (did not eat that cookie), 26424808 (know it all grin), 330296924 (blue bubble trouble), 319496223 (big sad eyes), and 244160766 (just trouble).

Then, how to use all the codes? The first thing you have to do is to click on the Character icon which is located in the bottom left corner of the screen. Then, click on the item in the pop up menu. Next, cody the admin gear code that you want to use and paste it in the corresponding box. After that, click “Wear Outfit” and your character should have the new look. It is just so easy and simple.

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