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Mining Simulator is a Roblox game that developed by Runway Rumble. On this game, you are able to join with your friends as a team or you are able also go alone as a solo mining expedition to discover rare gems and become rich. There are many you can do in this Mining Simulator game including strike diamonds, collect pets and hats, travel to different worlds and more. If you are a player of Mining Simulator game, we are sure that you need the information about codes for Mining Simulator. Well, in this time we are going to share about codes for Mining Simulator.

There are lots of codes for Mining Simulator. For your information: The codes may expire. You have to keep know about the list updated as new updates.


1. Code: ImOutOfCodeIdeas2. Reward: 70 coins.

2. Code: ILoveTokens. Reward: 70 coins.

3. Code: #ChristmasHype. Reward: 250 coins.

4. Code: TooManyCodesSmh. Reward: Legendary Egg.

5. Code: HelpPls. Reward: Legendary Hat Crate.


You have to know that these codes are able to be redeemed only during a Rumble Studios Twitch live stream. Then, all of these codes need an account five days or older to redeem. Here are some Twitch codes.

1. Code: DominusTwitchCode1. Reward: Twitch Pet Dominus.

2. Code: DominusTwitchCode2. Reward: Twitch Pet Dominus.

3. Code: EpicTwitchTrail. Reward: Twitch Trail.

4. Code: EpicTwitchTrail2. Reward: Twitch Trail.

5. Code: ICanFly. Reward: Twitch Wings.

6. Code: TwitchicornPet. Reward: Twitch corn.

7. Code: Lotsofclout. Reward: Twitchiclout.

8. Code: TwitchMythical. Reward: Mythical Hat Crate.

9. Code: TwitchLegendary. Reward: Legendary Egg.

10. Code: TonsOfTokens. Reward: 300 coins.

11. Code: TwitchTokens. Reward: 300 coins.

12. Code: CommonEgg. Reward: Common Egg.

13. Code: JamiesCmmonEgg. Reward: Common Egg

14. Code: SpoopyTwitchCode. Reward: 150 coins.

15. Code: MythicalTwitchCode. Reward: Mythical Hat Crate.


These normal codes need account to be 5 days or older to redeem.

1. Code: Selfie. Reward: 2,500 Coins.

2. Code: TestingThing. Reward: Common Crate.

3. Code: Cool. Reward: Rare Crate.

4. Code: Rare. Reward: Rare Crate.

5. Code: DefildPlays. Reward: Rare Crate.

6. Code: DefildPlays2. Reward: 1,500 coins.

7. Code: Eggo. Reward: Unique Egg.

8. Code: Pets. Reward: 100 Coins.

9. Code: Eggs. Reward: Unique Eg.

10. Code: Ore. Reward: 500 Coins.

11. Code: Danger. Reward: 250 Coins.

12. Code: Cave. Reward: Unique Crate.

13. Code: Fans. Reward: 2,500 Coins.

14. Code: Dino. Reward: 2,000 Coins.

15. Code: Momma. Reward: Rare Egg.

Actually, there are still many codes for Mining Simulator. If you want to know other codes for Mining Simulator, so you are able to search from your browser or you can also go to YouTube. Of course, there are many videos which show about the codes for Mining Simulator. One of videos is a video of Conor3D entitled ‘30 Working Codes on Roblox Mining Simulator’. It was published on July 20, 2018. Currently, it has 48,344 viewers. On that video, you are able to see lots of codes for Mining Simulator that work.

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