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In the world of a Roblox game called Roblox Zombie Rush, there is a thing called Roblox Zombie Rush codes. For those who are looking for codes for Zombie Rush Roblox, here are some of the codes that you can use: Code 1 – 279207008, Code 2 – 850918338, Code 3 – 429316374. Feel free to use all the codes.

Zombie Rush is the name of the Roblox zombie survival game. this one was created by the group called Beacon Studio. Do you want to know more about Zombie Rush? Please keep scrolling and do not skip a thing.

This following paragraph is the information about the gameplay of Zombie Rush. You are supposed to fight off wave after wave of zombies and then unlock the new weapons as you progress through levels or play as a zombie in order to finish off the remaining survivors. The goal of it is to make quick work of zombies. Some of the things that included in the game are skeletons, butes, and different material zombies such as diamonds and rubies. In the game, you are able to level up after killing a particular amount of zombies.

Talking about Zombie Rush, there are several things that you have to know. The first one is survivor mode. In this mode, you will get equipped with the primary and secondary weapon as a survivor. By using those weapons, you have to try and defend yourself against the zombies in the bunch of different maps.

The second one is the zombie mode. If you die as a survivor, a thing called a little apocalypse icon will show up in your GUI menu. It is like a signal that you are able to go into the game as the zombie and try to kill the remaining survivors. Aside from that, you will be equipped with the special “Zombie Weapon” and you will be able to freely roam around the map, chasing who remains.

The third one is GUI menu. There are several different things that you can do in this menu. The fourth one is AFK. When you select this one, this alerts the game that you are not playing and need to do something. In this case, it will not spawn you in on the next rounds. The fifth one is spectate. You are able to click the little movie projector icon to spectate the remaining survivors and player zombies when you are in the lobby. The last one is boombox. For those who have bought the boombox gamepass and want to use it, please click the little music note icon to select your songs and play them.

Aside from gameplay, you have to know that there is also gammepass. Currently, there are 9 gamepasses of Roblox Zombie Rush and no gears. They are Double XP, Wave Relief, Respawn Master, Primary Pack #1, Primary Pack #2, Primary Pack #3, Primary Pack #4, Primary Pack #5, Secondary Pack #1, and Secondary Pack #2. Each of them has different use and cost.

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