Counter Blox Remastered Aimbot Script

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For those who love to play Counter Blox Remastered and are looking for the script of Counter Blox Remastered Aimbot, here is the script for you. This script was taken from Pastebin, one of the best places when it comes to the script.

  1.  loadstring(game:GetObjects(‘rbxassetid://340856112’)[1].Source)()
  2. 2.
  3. 3. wait()
  4. 4.
  5. 5. _G.FREE_FOR_ALL = true
  6. 6.
  7. 7. _G.BIND = 50 — LEFT CTRL
  8. 8. _G.ESP_BIND = 52 — LEFT ALT

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_G.FREE_FOR_ALL = true



Counter Blox Remastered is known as the FPS game created by the ROLVe Community on September 28, 2015. This one was Remastered on July 30, 2018. In the game, there is a thing called map. Some of the maps are de_nuke (Nuke) by Build Team which consists of marioredtoad, TimTimich6, and ssquidmcduck; de_mirage (Mirage) by LordPresidential; de_cobblesone or cbble (Cobblestone) by marioredtoad; de_vertigo (Vertigo) by TC8950; de_dust2 (Dust II) by Bluay; de_cache (Cache) by marioredtoad, no_youu, TimTimich; de_inferno (Inferno) by unknown; de_fallen (Fallen) by FWEEEEEEE; and de_seaside (Seaside) by unknown.

Aside from the map, there is also a thing called the weapon. The weapon of Counter Blox Remastered is divided into two. They are terrorist weapons and counter terrorist weapons. Some of the terrorist weapons are pistols (Glock 12, P250, TEC 9, Dual Berettas, CZ75 Auto, Deagle, 44 Magnum), heavy (Nova, XM1014, Sawed off, MG42, M249), SMGs (MAC 10, MP5, UMP 45, P90, Thompson), rifles (Galil SAR, AK47, Scout, SG 553, AWP, G#SG1), gear (Kevlar, Kevlar plus helmet, Seus x27), grenades (Molotov, Decoy Grenade, Flashbang, HE Grenade, Smoke Grenade). As for counter terrorist weapons, some of them are pistols (PX4 (P2000), USP, P250, Five seven, Dual Berettas, CZ75 Auto, Deagle, 44Magnum), heavy (Nova, XM1014, MAG 7, MG42, M249), SMGs (MP9, MP5, UMP, P90, Thompson), rifles (FAMAS F1, M4A4, M4A1 S, Scout, AUG A3, AWP, G3SG1), gear (Kevlar, Kevlar plus helmet, Defuse Kit, Rescue Kit), grenades (Incendiary Grenade, Decoy Grenade, Flashbang, HE Grenade, Smoke Grenade).

The word “Aimbot” itself refers to the program or script that aims at the enemy for the cheater. There are three kinds of Aimbot style. Those are Colored Models, Engine Aim, and XQZ style. Every method has the unique style of accomplishing the effect of Aimbot. Every Aimbot is counted as cheat because it has the computer aim for the cheater and give the extremely unfair advantage for the enemy.

For further information about Counter Blox Remastered and the Aimbot script of the game, you are able to contact the creator of Counter Blox Remastered, the customer service of Pastebin, and the community of Counter Blox Remastered. Feel free to choose which one that you want to contact. You can contact them through anything from calling the phone number, sending an email, or joining the live chat. Do not hesitate to get in touch with them as it would be so useful. As long as you behave, they will help you if they can.

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