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What is your favorite game on Roblox? We are sure that you have more than one favorite game on Roblox. It is because Roblox offers millions games in a wide variety of genres including town and city, RPG, FPS, comedy, building, sci-fi, naval, medieval, military, horror/creepy, fighting, sport, adventure, and western.

All of those genres are able to be found in Roblox in a wide variety of titles. In this case, if you want to get further information you are able to check on the Games section. Talk about that, in this article we are going to discuss about creepy Roblox Games. By the way, do you like the games of Creepy Roblox? It is also well known as the horror games. Well, let us we talk about that here.

You have to know that on Roblox, there are many creepy Roblox games that you can play. In finding those games, actually you are able to find them by searching from your browser. Or simply you are able to go to Roblox wikia. Besides that, there are also many websites that show about the list of creepy Roblox even the top of creepy Roblox games list. To make you easier in finding the list of creepy Roblox games, so in this article we are going to share some list of creepy Roblox games for you.

Please see that list in the text below.

1. The Purgue (Vendicular).

2. Lightness (Narutoworl).

3. Work at a Pizza place (Dued1).

4. Sanatorium (Depale).

5. Slender Man’s Revenge (Zoidberg656).

6. The Stalker (Clone Trooper1019).

7. A Baseplate (The AmazeBrick).

8. Shot in the Dark.

9. Badge walk (EerieGhost)

10. Build to survive the zombies (Dangertim112).

11. Darkness (Loleries).

12. Escape Detention (tyridge77).

13. Hautnted Mine (LeonSparrow).

14. High School Horror story (EmoRedkid).

15. Life Expiration (Depale).

16. The Horror Elevator

17. The infection (jaredvaldez4).

18. Unknown demise (Superfighter).

19. Zombie Tower (nooooo).

20. Murder Mystery 2 (Nikilis).

Well, the text above is some list of creepy Roblox games based on the date of Roblox games wiki. Actually, you can see many other creepy Roblox games on the official site of wikia. If you want to get other creepy Roblox games, so we suggest you to go to the official site of wikia, then visit the page of Roblox games wiki > Horror games. There you can find lots of creepy Roblox games.

In addition, here we are going to talk about one of creepy Roblox game. It is Murder Mystery 2. Based on the research, it is one of famous and best creepy Roblox game until now. The game was created by Nikilis on January 19, 2014. We also get information that Murder Mystery 2 game is the first game on Roblox to reach ten million visits. The Murder Mystery 2 game is based off a Gmod gamemode that named “Murder”. The game has three features modes; Casual, Assassin and Hardcore. These modes are able to be changed at any time.

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