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For those who love playing games, you must be familiar with a term call game copying. Game copying is is also more known as place copying or game stealing defined as the action if duplicating ones place, without credit or recognition to the original creator. This thing can also be described as stealing idea or concept of the game and adding to your own game.

Most of the time, game copying often happens with the games that are uncopylocked. However, it can also happen because of the exploits in the Roblox Client. The main reason of this action is to gain visits or to manipulate other new users to believe that they are the original owner.

As stated before, the uncopylocked games are the ones that have been targets for so long. One of the uncopylocked games of Roblox is called Star Wars Roblox. in the Star Wars World, there is a thing called Death Star. What is Death Star? Keep reading the rest of the article and do not skip a thing.

A Death Start referred to the gargantuan space station armed with the planet destroying superlaser. There are two kinds of Death Starts. The first one is called DS-1 Orbital Battle Station. DS-1 Orbital Battle Station is known as the Project Stardust internally and the Ultimate Weapon in early development stages. This one was the moon sized, deep space mobile battle station constructed by teh Galactic Empire. This Death Star was designed to fire the single planet project of Emperor Plapatine, Darth Vader, Director Orson Callan Krennic, and the eventual commander Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin to expund the military philosophy of the aptly called Tarkin Doctrine.

The main weapon on DS-1 Orbital Battle Station was the superlaser. This one was powered by the hypermatter reactor and focused throught giant kyber crystals with sufficient firepower to damage the whole planet.

How about the power of DS-1 Orbital Battle Station? This one was powered by the cavernous hypermatter reactor encased in the radiation insulator plating located at the center of the station, Doonium, delovite, and so on.

The second one is Death Star II. This one was partially completed the moon sized battle station constructed by the Galactic Empire as the successor to the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station. When it comes to the appearance, this one was bigger and more powerful compared to the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station. Just like the first one, the long term purpose of this one was to terrorize the planets and star systems in the league with the Rebel Alliance through the use of the planet damaging superlaser. Another main goal of this one was to lur the Rebels into the battle that would, the Empire which, damage them once and for all. When it comes to the look, this one is very similar to the first one. However, this one improved on the design of the processor by incorporating millions of millimeter sized heat dispersion tubes in the places of the two meter wide thermal.

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