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In the world of one of the Roblox games called Roblox Dinosaur Simulator, the Troodon is known as one of the few badge obtainable dinosaurs. This one can be unlocked by surviving five days as another Omnivore which is typically the Ornithomimus. This badge has very decent health and damage for its tiny size. A lot of Carnivorous babies think that they can easily have their first prey of the Troodon, only to quickly become the Troodor dinner.

With the newest version of Roblox Dinosaur Simulator (ver 5.5.0), the Troodon gained the ability to climb trees. As the addition to the Omnivorous diet, this one become arguably one of the easiest dinosaurs to survive with. Currently, this one is not be able to climb trees because of a glitch.

When you talk about the appearance of the Troodon, this one looks like a small bird with a light grey bird-like head that has two huge eyes taht have a blinking animation and two white stripes behind them. there are also two bird-like hands owned by this one and wings along with a tailfin of pennaceous feathers. the snout or beak, hands, and feet of this creature are a greyish-brown color. as for the design of this scavenging theropod is based onthe Troodon from Dinosaur Revolution: End Game.

Troodon which means wounding tooth was a small, carnivorous (maybe omnivorous) Theropod that lived in the Cretaceous period of North America about 77.5 until 76.5 MYA in the Judith River, Oldman, and Two Medicine Formations. People believe that this one is counted as one of the most intelligent dinosaurs to exist. Its intelligent can be compared to a primitive Opossum due to studies of closely related genuses Stenonychosaurus and Latenivanatrix. In the real life, this one would probably looks like a bird when it comes to the behaviour. The reason behind it is because its current placement on the tree of bird evolution.

Furthermore about Troodon,this one is known to have a dromaesauridae family which is from Troodontidae family. this creature was known in the past for a lot of specimens from across North America but it now considered a wastebasket taxon due to most of its fossils being assigned to the new genuses. Right now, this one is only known from a few teeth from multiple fossil sites.

These following are some trivia of Troodon. First, after the size buff for everyone, this one suffered in having its face ruined, making it disgusting to play as. Second, this creature was actually named after its jaw and not its brain. As stated before the name of Troodon means wounding tooth. Third, Troodon is considered as one of the most well-known dinosaurs to feature on dinosaur shows. Some of documentaries and movies featured by this creature are Walking with Dinosaurs (the movie one when Troodon bites off the piece of Patchi’s frill), Dinosaur Planet (in the Little Das Hunt), Dinosaur Revolution (in the End Game), March of the Dinosaurs, and Planet Dinosaur (Alaskan Troodon).

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