Dinosaur Simulator DNA Glitch

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Talking about Dinosaur Simulator DNA Glitch, actually you are able to find it by doing several ways like hacking or scripting. But, as we know that hacking in any Roblox game is not good to do. For this case, we are going to share tips and tricks for the game of Roblox Dinosaur Simulator. Here is a list of tips, tricks, secrets, and interesting facts which can help you in the game to survive and thrive. Of course, it is freely to add any glitches, tricks, and tips of your own which can help out others.

Here are some Glitches of Dinosaur Simulator.

  • There is a glitch where you lay an egg but it does not appear. In this case, the egg stays inside your dino’s body that you are able to see by zooming almost all the way in. To do it, you can press ⇧ Shift and then W, then starting climbing in the air vertically. You can stay there unless you move or zoom in. For those who have an egg stuck inside your body but cannot do this glitch, so you can try climbing up a hill and glitching.
  • There is a speed glitch which can be used with lots of different dinosaur skins, such as the Stretchy Titanosaurus. To do it, you are able to zoom in to first person view. After that, please press W and D and the space bar. The others are able to only go really fast in water.
  •  If a player makes a nest in a confined space like a small tunnel, there are some dinosaurs may fall through the map, leading many to drown.
  •  You have to know that there is a serious glitch that once spawning creates the selected dinosaur go under the map and lose 2/3 health and be in combat that leads to drowning if the dinosaur does not have much oxygen.

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