Discord Bots Hinzufügen

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The word “Hinzufügen” comes from German meaning “add”. On the other words, “Discord Bots Hinzufügen can be translate as adding bots to discord. For those who want to know how to add bots to discord, here is the information for you.

A lot of gamers everywhere must be familiar with a thing called Discord. It can be described as the online service that provides voice chat for games. It is the successor to programs such as Teamspeak and Ventrilo and now has millions of users around the world. For those who run the Discord server, you have the wide variety of options to provide neat features for the players. One of those features is called the addition of bots. Please read every word of the sentence to find out the way to add bot to the Discord server. You can do it if you understand it well.

In order to add bots to the server, you have to be the administrator on the server. This one can either be the server that you run yourself or just one on which you have been given administrator permissions, although in the latter case, you have to make sure that the bot you want to add is cool with the other administrators.

The first step that you have to do is to find the bot that you want to add. You can try to add one of the most popular Discord bots named Dyno. Dyno is known as the full featured bot with moderation features, music playing abilities, CleverBot integration, and a lot of other features. Apparently, this one has been added to more than 1.4 million Discord servers, so it is kind of popular.

You will be adding Dyno from the Carbonitex website. First, click the green “Add Bot to Server” button. This one will bring up the confirming dialog from Discord asking you to select which server you want to add Dyno to. You will have to be logged in to the server for Discord to know that it is you trying to add something. Please choose your server and click “Authorize”. You may have to fill in the “I’m not a robot” captcha, but after hat the bot will be automatically added to the server, and you will be taken to the administration page for managing Dyno on the server.

If you want to add bots without bothering with the pretty interface, you can also add them directly. To use this method, you have to know the client ID of the bot and you will need to be logged into the Discord server. Here is everything that should be done. The first thing that you have to do is to open the browser and paste the following URL: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=<Bot_Client_ID>&scope=bot&permissions=0. Hen, change “Bot_Client_ID” in the above URL with the real client ID of the bot that you want to add. After that, you might still have to authorize the bot even though the command uses Oauth2 to do that very thing.

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