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If you are a user of Discord, you may want to add Discord bot to maximize productivity on your server like taking the important data, moderating conversations, delivering notifications, scheduling events, and more. There are many Discord bots that you can add in your channel, one of them is Discord Crash Bot.

If you have decide to add Discord Crash bot, firstly you need to find it. For this case, you are able to find it by searching from your choice browser. Or simply, you are able to go to the official website of Discord Bot. When you are at the homepage of Discord Bot, then there you are going to see and find lots of Discord bots. The next step that you have to do is finding the right one, Discord crash bot.

Apparently, there are some Discord crash bots that you can find. In this article, we are going to share one of Discord crash bots. You are going to find a Discord bot named OuijaBot. This Discord bot to emulate in a Discord channel. You have to know that this bots made privately run on servers. The invite link will brings you to add bot. For those who want to check out the bot, so you are able to visit https://discord.io/quantonium.

Now, you are able to add the bot to your own Discord server. To do it, you just need to go to https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=375883731057246208&scope=bot&permissions=76800. Then, add the bot to your Discord server and give it read, write, and manage (message delete) permissions because the bot will not work without those. Next, you can create the Discord channel #askouija.

By the way, how to use it in your Discord server? Firstly, you are able to ask a question (start it with Ouija,) and have it answered by Ouija. Then, to help answer a question, you need to send a 1 letter response. “Goodbye” to end the response. In this case, if you made the question (or if you are an admin), so you are able to use Ouija, please reset to stop question answering. Then, if you made the current question, so you cannot help answer at all. If you just added a letter, it means that you have to wait for someone else to add a letter before you are able to continue or finish answering. You are able to view the current question being asked with Ouija, question.
For note: According to the info above, you need three people to fully ask and answer. In this case, you can only just reply “goodbye” instantly to answer, but that will leave the answer blank. You are able to view the current question being asked with Ouija, question.

This is a way to use your own bot (needs node.js). Firstly, you have to go into config.json and add your bot key where needed. Then, download and modify app.js to your liking. Please use npm install discord.js to install dependencies and use node app.js to run your bot. After that, you can add your bot to your Discord server.

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