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If you have used Discord for a long time, you surely know that Discord can support the use of emoji through shortcodes which are displayed as images from Twemoji. For your information, native emojis which are inserted are also converted to shortcodes and also displayed with images where supported.

You are able to use Emojis on your nickname, on the description of your channel and also in the conversation when you chat with other users of Discord. Using emoji is fun. Even you are able to make a custom emoji in Discord by using apps or online creators.

The support of emoji Discord is limited to Emoji 3.0 as of August 2018 whereas the recent Twemoji version can support up to Emoji 11.0. So here, we have Discord Emoji list of Emoji 3.0. But we only insert some of them. Those are:

  • Rolling on the Floor Laughing
  • Lying Face
  • Sneezing Face
  • Drooling Face
  • Cowboy Hat Face
  • Black Heart
  • Clown Face
  • Raised Back of Hand
  • Crossed Fingers
  • Call Me Hand
  • Left-Facing Fist
  • Right-Facing Fist
  • Handshake
  • Selfie
  • Prince
  • Person Facepalming
  • And many more

Some of the emojis above have several types. For example, for selfie, there are selfie light skin tone, selfie medium light skin tone, selfie medium skin tone, selfie medium dark skin tone and selfie dark skin tone.

For emoji version 11.0, we also have the list of it. Same as the list above, we only insert some of them.

  • Smiling Face With Hearts
  • Hot Face
  • Woozy Face
  • Cold Face
  • Partying Face
  • Leg
  • Pleading Face
  • Foot
  • Tooth
  • Bone
  • Man: Red Hair
  • Man: Light Skin Tone, Red Hair
  • Woman: White Hair
  • Woman: Light Skin Tone, White Hair
  • Superhero
  • Supervillain
  • And many more.

Some of you may be still curious about the use of the emoji. You may wonder whether the use of emoji that you do in your daily life is correct or not. Well, you have to know the meaning behind the emoji so that you are not wrong in understanding and using it. We are going to explain some emojis now.

Lying Face is a yellow face with eyebrows which are raised and also enlarged eyes, slight frown and long nose. This emoji indicates that it is telling a lie in the manner of Pinocchio. It also represents a liar, lying and other concepts of deceit. Next is a Sneezing Face. It is depicted as a yellow face with scrunched, X-shaped eyes sneezing or blowing its nose into a white tissue as if from a cold or even allergies. It may represent someone who is in an emotional state wiping away tears such as at a wedding.

How about Black Heart? You may be one of people who often use it but you do not really know what the meaning of it is. Or even you seldom use it because you do not know the meaning of black in that heart. Black Heart is used to express sorrow, morbidity or a form of dark humor. Drolling Face emoji may be used by you when you talk about delicious food. The icon of this emoji is a yellow face which is shown with closed eyes and also raised eyebrows with saliva drooling from one corner of the mouth of the emoji. This emoji is used to express desire for a person or object. It can also represent someone who is tired or sleeping.

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