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For those who are looking for the Dicord Minecraft bot, here are the list of the Discord bots related to Minecraft. After going through the list, you can invite any of them if you want. all that you have to do is to click on the Invite button.

The first one is Mike. Mike is the name of the customizable bot for your server. This bot features some things such as music, starboard, stream notifications, Reddit notifications, filters, suggestions, member logs, custom welcome message, custom commands, image generation, easy to use, 24/7 uptime, economy and leveling system, games, moderation, and lots of fun and useful commands. Currently, there are 228 servers of this bot.

The second one is called TomBot. TomBot has 38,266 servers, 1,956,220 users, and 174 streams. TomBot has you covered if you need to spice up your server. You can earn points by playing some fun games such as Minecraft, Hangman, Cards Against Humanity, Blackjack and cOnnect4. You can also complete with the other Tombot users and see if you can top of the leaderboard. Aside from that, you are also allowed to play music from Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitch and Radio net. With the help of the advanced playlist management features and endless music commands, this tool is the last music bot that you will ever need in your life.

Furthermore about TomBot, you can adjust the settings of TomBot to suit your needs such as custom prefixes, queue length, vote skip, music loop, and permissions for users and roles. As for the tools and stats, some of them are OldSchool Runescape wiki, GE, and highscores, Monecraft server status, overatch stats, and fun text commands.

The third one is Idle Miner. Idle Miner is known as the Minecraft themed Idle bot with tons of unique features such as pets, dimensions, rebirths, prestiges and much more. In order to start off your adventure use, the first thing that you have to do is to start, and then your brave miner will venture down into the mines. Then, use the backpack to see what your miner has dug up. You can sell the blocks in the backpack with “sell”. The thing called money can be used to upgrade the backpack and pickaxe. Basically, the more you upgrade the better they get. In this case, your backpack will get bigger and your pickaxe will get faster. Your backpack or your pickaxe will evolve when reaching particular levels. You are able to use evolutions to get a list of all evolutions.

The fourth one is Discraft. Discraft can be described as the Minecraft themed bot. With this bot, you are able to start with the axe, which you can mine wood with. Aside from that, some of the things that you can do are crafting and upgrading new tools for more resources, crafting pickaxes to mine and shoveling to dig, selling excess resources to buy insane unique tools, buying or crafting a chest, joining or creating the clan to get boosts, repairing and switching tools, and many more.

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