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Discord can be said as one of the best cross-platform chat apps for video, text, and voice comms which is designed specifically for gamers. There are more than 250 million gamers around the world who use this app.

In this app, you are able to make secure chat channels to play games with friends, organize squads, find teammates, LFG and also participate in gaming communities. Whether you play MOBA or Battle Royale, FPS or RPG, or if you follow streamers or esports, you are able to begin a group chat for everything you easily and your gaming clan want to talk about.

What can we found in Discord? First, there is live text, voice, and video chat. You are able to call, send messages and chat with your friends in real-time for all young gaming needs and these includes everything from coordinating play sessions for Apex Legends to discussing League of Legends game meta and also organizing CS:GO team events to meming about Hearthstone. Can we upload our own images and GIFs? Of course, you can do that. Second, there is private and public messaging. You are able to make a chat server for your personal Fortnite squad or a big online Dota 2 coaching community on Discord by this feature. Third, there is instant invite links for chat servers. You are able to invite friends to talk as simple as copy/ pasting a link. If your teammates open your unique server link, they will directly be added to your voice or text chat group.

Fourth, there is servers tools and member roles. This platform is full of tools to assist you organize your guilds however you like. Fifth, there is communiny management. Here, Discord is the preferred communication app of game developers, Twitch streamers, Reddit communities, Youtube content creators and more. Fifth, there is push navigation controls. If you want to be notified when someone DM or tag you to play Overwatch, but not when there is a big debate about theorycrafting in your MTG Arena group, you are able to do that by using the detailed server notification settings that can give you complete control over what types of messages that you get alerted for. And sixth, there is cross-platform app for AFK chatting. Do you know what it is? As we know that this app is available for mobile and desktop. So, you are able to voice chat with your team while playing games like Rainbow Six Siege, PUGB, and more on your computer and then continue to meme with the entire squad on your phone when you are out playing Pokemon Go.

So, you are able to download Discord now on your device. If you use Android, you are able to go to Google Play t download it. The last update of this app was on May 14th, 2019 and the size of this app is 50M. Now, it is in 8.9.7 version and it requires 4.1 or up android version. So, what are you waiting for? You are able to download this app on your device now and feel the fun things in it.

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