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Are you a German and you want to join with some German Discord servers? Or, you may not be a German but you want to join with some German/ Deutsch server on Discord because you are able to speak German or want to learn German. Well, whatever your reason is, there are a lot of German servers on Discord that you are able to join.

But, do you know what Discord is? Let’s get to know Discord first. It is a platform which is designed for video gaming communities. This platform specializes in image, text, video and also audio communication between users in a chat channel. Windows, iOS, Linux, web browsers, and also Android are devices that you are able to use to access Discord. There are more than 250 million users of the software until March 14th, 2019.

Discord was released publicly in May 2015 and according to Citron, there is the only area that theyt pushed Discord into and it was for the Reddit communities, discovering that a lot of subreddit forums were replacing IRC servers with Discord ones. Through esports and LAN tournament gamers and also through other Twitch.tc streamers, this platform became popular.

On Discord, the users are able to create a server. They are able to manage the public visibility and access of their server, and create one or more channels within this service. Within a server, Discord servers are able to create channels within a category framework, with the visibility and access on the channels also customizable to the server but it will depend on access controls. One of the customization is the ability to mark channels “nsfw” which forces first time channel viewers to confirm that they are more than 18 and willing to see such content.

For your information, every user of Discord has a unique four-digit personal identification number discriminator with a “#” after their username. It can permit for multiple users to have the similar username and for users to find friends easily. It is also important to know that both at the server and the user level, Discord permits user to be able to connect these to their Twitch.tv or other gaming service account.

Well, now do you want to know the list of Deutsch Discord? Here they are.

  • Apex Legends Germany which has 3,880 members and 39 emotes.
  • Flying Uwe which has 2,048 members and 38 emotes.
  • Kasalla Family – CR und BS which has 1,940 members and 70 emotes.
  • German Chill Gaming which has 1,544 members and 50 emotes.
  • German Gaming Server which has 1,443 members and 74 emotes.
  • Arena of Valor Community Germany which has 1,435 members and 20 emotes.
  • APEX | Germany which has 1,373 members and 60 emotes.
  • German Furry which has 840 members and 16 emotes.
  • Kingdom of Aerdin which has 727 members and 99 emotes.
  • Apex Legends Germany which has 1,094 members and 33 emotes.

There are still more servers that you are able to join and you are able to check them at topg.org or discordbots.org. Some of the Deutsch servers are Apex Zombies – MC Discord Server, AzertuMC – Official Discord Server, STARDIX – DISCORD and many more. Check them out!

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