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Do you use Discord? It is a freeware VoIP application and digital distribution platform. It is originally designed for the video gaming community that specializes in video, image, text, and audio communication between users in a chat channel.

In Discord, have you heard about Support- Manager? It is a Discord chatbot which can organize support tickets for your server. By this, you are able to specify one role as support-role. For your information, supporters will always be informed about ticket events and any member is able to create tickets which the bot sends to a specific support-channel where the supporters are able to see them. A ticket author can add information easily and everyone can see all tickets but only admins, supporters and the authors who are able to close them.

There are some overview about the commands of the bot. The default prefix may differ from the prefix that is used on your server. First is /tickets. It is used to see all open tickets of this server which is /tickets here and a specific user is /tickets@[user]. There is also /ticket add [info about the problem], /ticket show [ticket number], ticket close [ticket number]; [reason]. It is important for you to know that the info cannot be longer than 100 characters and not shorter than 10. Also, a ticket can only be closed by the author or an admin.

Another command is /addinfo. It is used to add information to an existing ticket and it is only able to be used by the ticket author. The syntax is /addinfo [ticket number] [info]. How about /channel? It is a command that is used to set the ‘support-channel’ where the bot informs the supporters about new tickets, edited tickets, and closed tickets. The syntax is /channel #[channel name]. This command is only usable for admins. There is also /supprole and admins should set a support-role like /supprole @[support-role]. This role will be mentioned on tickets events in the support-channel. If you want to remove it, you have to type /supprole remove. The command of /help shows a help message with the commands list and a short description about how to use them. You are able to type help after any command to see the command-specific help page, for example /ticket help.

On Discord, you are also able to find Tickets which is an easy to use and configurable ticket and support bot with a web panel. You are able to invite and vote this. This is a fully customizable Discord support manager bot. Support through Discord will permit you to improve your quality of service and response times. The bot of Tickets plays a key role in the management of support to let you focus on what is important. You are able to buy a premium key from selly page or you are also able to vote at the DBL voting page to get premium free for 24 hours. If you choose premium, it will provide a lot of benefits including detailed statistics about the server, users and support staff and also there is no branding in the footer of messages.

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