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In Discord, there is Support Manager. Do you know what Support- Manager is? It is a Discord chatbot which can organize support tickets for your server. By Support Manager, you are able to specify one role as support-role. Also, supporters will always be informed about ticket events and any member is able to create tickets which the bot sends to a specific support-channel where the supporters are able to see them. An author of a ticket is able to add information easily and everyone can see all tickets but only admins, supporters and the authors who are able to close them.

Support Manager can help server staff provide amazing support to their members by using a full featured support ticket system. So, by the existence of Support Manager, it is time for you to get your server managed. You are able to join its official server which is the name is Support-Manager and now it has 133 members.

What are the features of Support Manager? First, there are Tickets and Responses. Support tickets permit users to be able to contact support stuff in a consistent and practical way. The team of support can keep track of all problems and easily handle them to offer their users the best support experience possible. There are commands of the bot that you are able to use. It is used to perform various actions on a ticket. One of them are /ticket create Discord Support Manager [description1] [scope1] where this syntax is used to create a new support ticket. If you want to show a support ticket, the syntax is /ticket show [ticket ID]. If you want to edit a support ticket’s title and description the syntax is /ticket edit [ticket ID] [title1][description1], but you have to know that this command can replace old content. If you want to add additional information to a ticket’s description, the command is /ticket append [ticket ID] [info]. There are still more commands that you can use and you are able to check it in the support-manager website.

The second feature of Support Manager is Customization. It is important to know that Support Manager is customizable for your server which means that you do not have to deal with the default setting of bot if you do not agree with them. The third feature is Outlaw & Reports. If your users are often annoyed by spam or other sorts of misbehaviour, Support Manager will give them the possibility to report responsible users to let you know. If you traced the villain you are able to take action and outlaw him. The fourth feature that you can enjoy on Support Manager is Voice Support. You are able to setup a category for voice support and then the bot will manage the channels. It will create a new channel dynamically and temporarily when the others are already occupied. You will also be notified when there is someone who is waiting for support so that you will not miss it.

You are able to join Support Manager server or if you need more information about Support Manager such as the commands and many other things related to it, you are able to visit the official website of Support Manager.

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