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Music is something crucial not only in drama or movie but also in a game. It can give the mood and also atmosphere of the game. So, if we create a game, the music must be suitable with the genre of the game. Music also can give the listeners energy. What kind of energy do you want? Being motivated, sad, being happy, then you can get those energy through listening to music.

In Roblox, one of the fun features is that everyone can add music to their place as background, as narration or even as sound effects. You are able to upload an audio to Roblox by paying for some Robux and the amount of Robux that you have to pay will depend on the length of the music. So, do you want to upload a music? Or maybe the music which you are looking for is available in Roblox Library and you want to use it but you do not know the ID of the song? Well, if the song which you are looking for is Dogsong, then you come to the right place because here we are going to inform you about the ID of the Dogsong. What are they? Here they are.

Undertale – Dogsong (uploaded by DuckEggsworth)
Code: 305138647

Death by Dogsong (uploaded by UltimateGoku542)
Code: 399548708

Dogsong (uploaded by Dekania)
Code: 330879668

Undertale Dogsong (uploaded by non_hyphenated)
Code: 325591304

Undertale – Dogsong… KAZOO’d! (uploaded by dual_diagnostic)
Code: 380439979

Undertale – Dogsong Remix (uploaded by BigMeeboid)
Code: 480274122

Sad Gabe the Dog Song (uploaded by lolkid007)
Code: 909418105

Dogsong – Undertale OST (uploaded by ApostropheDog)
Code: 313256816

As you can see that there are a lot of songs of Dogsong. Each of those songs maybe different. So, if you want to use the song above, it is better for you preview in advanced before you use the song so that you will know which Dogsong that you are looking for.

You want to add those music to your place but you do not know how to do it? If you want to add music, the first thing that you have to do is to find the music and then get the asset ID. After that, access Roblox Studio and open (edit) a place. After that, in the Explorer, you need to right click Workspace, select Insert Object and then choose Sound. In this step, you have to select new sound in the tree hierarchy. Then, in the window of Properties, for SoundId, you have to enter and also the asset ID. Then, you have to insert a LocalScript into StarterGui and open the script. You have to delete all of the existing lines and enter this code: Workspace.Sound:Play(). Finally, you are able to publish the game to Roblox. If you cannot find the music that you want in the list above and even you have looked for in the library but you cannot find one. It means that you have to upload the music that you want to Roblox.

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