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Dominus Frigidus is the name of the limited unique hat. This one was published in the Roblox Catalog by Roblox on March 24, 2011. This item was designed by Sethycakes as part of his which granted by the Make A Wish Foundation. It is considered as the third hat released in the Dominus series. As per November 4, 2018, only 16 copies of this item exist and it has been favorited 38,843 times.

The term “Dominus Frigidus” was originally from Latin. For those who are not familiar with Latin and want to know the meaning of Dominus Frigidus, the phrase “Dominus Frigidus” means “Either to die”.

How does Dominus Frigidus look like? Dominus Frigidus is the one with the bright blue hood with the black interior that masks the face of the wearer. There are the bright blue shoulder rings with grey outsides and the feathers appear to resemble icicles.

How much does Dominus Frigidus cost? As displayed on Roblox Catalog, this item costs R$ 20,000,000. The item is really expensive, especially for the Roblox players who have limited amount of Robux. As the desire to get this item is high even if they do not have enough Robux, some people look for the way to get this item. Some of them even think anything will be done as long as they can get this item. This condition is such a good chance for some users who try to make the free version of Dominus Frigidus. Is there really a free version of Dominus Frigidus?

In Roblox Catalog, you will be able to see an item related to Dominus Frigidus entitled Dominus Frigidus Free. This one was created by Elevatorisbest. Is this item really free? If you open the page, the price of this item really shows “Free”. You can try to get this item by clicking on the green “Get” button. Just like purchasing item, you will be asked to enter either the username, the phone number, or the email address and the password in order to get it.

However, if you scroll down the page of Dominus Frigidus Free, you will be able to see some comments stated that the creator of this item lied and this Dominus Frigidus offered is totally fake. The decision is in your hand whether to believe or not. Aside from the existence of the fake Dominus Frigidus, there are some hacks that claim to know the method to get the original Dominus Frigidus for free. Once again, the decision is in your hand. Before trying this kind of illegal way, please consider the safety of your Roblox account so you will not be regret everything later. If you care with the safety of your Roblox account, it is better for you to get the legal version of Dominus Frigidus, even if it costs a lot. You can try to save Robux by not spending a lot and also try to create the items and sell them later until you own a lot of Robux.

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