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Having a Dominus Infernus may be one of your dreams. This item is very awesome to have and to wear for your avatar. You may want to buy this item but before buying it you want to know the Roblox ID code of this item. Okay, we are going to tell you.

Roblox ID code can be seen at the end of the URL. So first, if you want to know the Roblox ID of an item, you have to go to the Roblox catalog. After that, you have to search the item that you want to find such as Dominus Infernus. Then, click on it and now you will be able to see the picture of the item and also the detail information. The detail information consist of the name, the one who published, genre, price, type, description, the number of favorites and a note whether it is limited or not. If the item is limited, there will be “Limited” sign in a green background in the bottom-left corner of the item. For finding the Roblox ID of the item, you just have to see the URL bar and then look at the end of the URL. There will be a series of numbers. So, that is the Roblox ID code of the item. How about the Roblox ID code of Dominus Infernus? The Roblox ID code of Dominus Infernus is 31101391. You are able to check directly to prove it.

Dominus Infernus is one of hat accessories on Roblox catalog that is categorized into medieval, horror and adventure genre. So, if you like something horror, medieval or adventure, having this item can be a good choice. On July 20th, 2010, Dominus Infernus was published into the Roblox catalog. This item is one of limited unique items on Roblox catalog. At first, this hat could be bought for 26,000 Robux and has a stock of 26 copies. But now, the price is higher. It costs 9,250,000 Robux and the average price of this item is 1,664,046 Robux.

Dominus Infernus hat has the similar form with other hats in Dominus series. But, it has different colour and style. Dominus Infernus has a black colour in the hood part with something come up to be glowing streaks of red lighting searing across the left and right side. In addition, there are orangish-yellow color shoulder rings in the left and right side. Feathers are also available which are tipped with spots of red at the end which are preceded by black lines that separate the red tips from the rest of the feathers.

Other hats which are categorized into Dominus series are Dominus Claves, Dominus Venari, Dominus Praefectus, Dominus Pittacium, Dominus Rex, Dominus Astra, Dominus Aureus, Dominus Vespertilio, Dominus Messor, Dominus Frigidus, and Dominus Empyreus. If you want to buy Dominus hat, you need to have a lot of Robux because the price of each of them is very expensive. However, it is worth it because the look of this hat is great and your avatar will look great as well.

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