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In the world of the game named Pet Simulator, Dominus Messor is the term to call the rare tier 10 pet that can be found in 2 ways. The first one is being from the premium shop for 5,999 Robux and the second one is by hatching it from the thing called a Tier 10 egg. Unfortunately, the first one is no longer available from shop and the chance of the second one is 0.1%.

There are two versions of Dominus Messor. They include the normal and the golden version. Apparently, this pet is able to be made golden in order to achieve stats of 300 Coin Collection and 5,400 Agility. In the past, this pet was unable to become the gold until update 10. Actually, there is also the rainbow version. According to the official page of Dominus Messor (Pet Simulator) on Wiki, its rainbow version starts off with 5 times the normal stats with 500 Coin Collection and 9000 Agility.

As stated before, Dominus Messor in Pet Simulator is a rare hat. Aside from the rare hats like Dominus Messor, in the game, there are the other hats that you have to know. Apparently, there are only 5 Tier of hats. You are able to own only 10 hats at once. However, you will be able to own 100 hats if you buy a gamepass. Do you want to know more about those Tiers of hats? Do not stop reading the article.

The Tier 1 includes Apple, Lei, Pot, and Black Winter Cap. Everything costs 30,000 Coins. the Tier 2 includes Propeller Beanie, Princess Hat, Cowboy Hat, Paper Hat, Cheese, Viking, and Giant Cheese. They cost 2,250,000 coins. The Tier 3 are Pirate Hat, Horns, Chessboard, Yellow Banded Top Hat, Green Banded Top Hat, Traffic Cone, White Top Hat, and Blue Traffic Hat. The price of this one is 30,000,000 Coins. The hats in Tier 4 are Hatstack, Noob sign, Rubber Duckie, Blue Top Hat, Bling Top Hat, Neon Pink Branded Top Hat, and Robux. This one costs 4,100,000,000 Coins. the last Tier includes Black Iron Domino Crown, Robux, Rain Cloud, domino Crown, Duke Of The Federation, Lord Of The Federation, and Crown. This one costs 1,500,000 Moon Coins.

For further information about Dominus Messor of Pet Simulator, you can visit the official website of Roblox. Aside from that, there is a good page that you can visit. It is the page of Dominus Messor (Pet Simulator) on Wiki. In the same website, you will be able to see the details of Pet Simulator as well. If you have any question about Dominus Messor of Pet Simulator, you can try to contact the creator of Roblox Pet Simulator. Actually, you can also try to contact Roblox Support. Beside the two, you can join the community of Roblox Pet Simulator. The community of Roblox Pet Simulator consists of the members that might know the Roblox Pet Simulator (including about Dominus Messor of Pet Simulator) more than you.

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