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Dominus Pittacium is the name of the hat on Roblox. This one was published into the Roblox Catalog by Roblox on March 15, 2016, specifically for Tixapalooza. This item is a part of the Dominus series and could have been purchased for 5,000,000 Tickets until it went off sale, during which 39 copies were sold. As per February 11, 2019, this item has been favorited 21,094 times.

What does Dominus Pittacium mean? The term Dominus Pittacium can be translated as Farewell. This one is the reference to the removal of Tickets, which the Pittacium itself is a commemoration to.

How is the appearance of Dominus Pittacium? Dominus Pittacium can be described as the yellow hood with the full back cover on the inside that masks the face of the wearer. There are two goldish colored rings with the letter T on them attached to the two lower corners of the hat and are visible on the front of the shoulders of the wearer. At the edge of the hat, three tickets protrude backwards from each ring in a folded fashion.

If you want to find Dominus Pittacium on Roblox, here are the steps that you have to follow. The first thing that should be done is no one than opening the official website of Roblox. When you are there, go straight to Roblox Catalog. You can use the Search bar to make the search easier. Please type “Dominus Pittacium” and the result will be shown upon hitting the Enter or Search button.

In the page of Dominus Pittacium, you will be able to see the image of the hat along with its description. Can you purchase Dominus Pittacium now? The sad news is that the answer to the question is no. You are not able to purchase the item as it is not currently for sale. The green “Buy” button is blurred which means you cannot buy it as for now. However, you might manage to find the other hat entitled “Dominus Pittacium” on Roblox. One of the examples is Dominus Pittacium by DunclubDuncan. This one was updated on March 15, 2016. It is stated that the price is free so you can try to get this item without having to spend any.

This paragraph consists of the trivia about Dominus Pittacium. Dominus Pittacium is the tenth Dominus in the series. Different compared to the other Domini, this one was bought with Tix (for the equivalent of roughly 300,000 Robux). That fact makes this item the most expensive item ever sold with Tix as well as the most expensive Dominus ever sold when exchange rates (at the time) are taken into account. Dominus Pittacium is one of the three non-limited Domini. For those who want to know, the other two are Dominus Venari and Dominus Claves. However, those two were gifts for completing the event while the Pittacium was purchasable with currency. For further information about Dominus Pittacium, feel free to visit Roblox and the source such as Wiki.

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